It was a rainy day at the studio, and Microsoft Sam was sent to Mr. Henson's office for a reason.

"Excuse me, out of the way, Samuel coming through." as Sam pushed in front of the line. "Mr. Warner needs to see me right away. It's official business."

At Mr. Warner's office...

"Mr. Warner! I came here as fast as I could." said Sam.

"Sam, where is Scotty?" Mr. Warner said.

"I don't know." said Sam.

"This better be good. I haven't seen Scotty since November the 2nd." said Mr. Warner.

"Well, Scotty decided to have the day off." Sam said.

"Really?" Mr. Warner was shocked.

"He said not to come to Joey Henson Studios because of what happened." Sam said.

"This could not be a good sign." Mr. Warner told Sam.

Back at Joey Studios...

"Guys, I'm sorry for saying this. But Scotty decided never to come back to this studio ever again!" Sam said, as he came back.

Everybody gasped in shock.

"And he left a note for me, it said," Sam started to read it.

Dear Microsoft Sam,

I'll never forgive you after you fired me,

So I have decided to take the day off, and never come back to work.


Signed, Radar Overseer Scotty

"That dumb Scotty. Nicholas would never think that would happen to him." Sam said.

Then he turned to Nicholas...

"Have you ever thought that would happen to Scotty?" Sam asked.

"I would never think that! No!" Nicholas said.

"But I thought you wanted to talk about him." Sam said.

"Scotty's actually one of my worst enemies, so I don't ever think he's going back to that studio. I'd be so mad about that." Nicholas said.

"I don't know why Nicholas thinks Scotty is that bad." Sam said to himself.

"Sam! Where is Guy?" Mike appeared out of nowhere.

"Guy is gone. Remember what happened in Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, Guy was zapped by the devils." Mike asked.

"Mike, are you crazy? Why didn't you tell me that on October 20, 2013?" Sam yelled.

"I don't know. I just don't know why the devils challenged Guy to a battle." Mike said.

"We're sure gonna miss that guy. He was Scotty's brother." Sam said.

"Speaking of Scotty, where is he?" Mike asked.

"Haven't you heard the news?" Sam asked Mike.

At the newsroom...

"This is Harvey Zilth with a Joey Henson Studios Inc. bulletin. Scotty has decided never to come back to the studio because of Sam firing him. He actually had to take a vacation. No one ever knows why, neither does Nicholas. So, this is Harvey Zilth, saying stay tuned for further details in the news." Harvey said at the newsroom.

"Oh." Mike just said "oh".

"What are we going to do since we have nobody to direct the logo?" Sam asked.

"Well, Sam, since we can't do anything else, how about we take the rest of the day off like Scotty?" Mike asked Sam.

"Great. I knew you'd make the right choice this time." Sam told Mike.

The End