We are about to enter a new world, a world of the rich and famous. But with a twist. We are about to enter the world in which it is of their teenage kids that struggle under the spotlight of their parents shadows as they try to make their own way of life while trying to be the best they can because of who and what their parents do but….

"Hey writer lady let me talk! You can't tell our story it has to be us not you!" snapped a young beautiful girl with her hands on her at me with her twin sister it looks like to me with their striking hazel eyes.

What! Well excuse me young lady but Im the writer here not you. I said as I stare at them as they moving closer to me so i could get a better look at them for everyone. As they stop they look the same in the face with high cheek bone to go with their hazel eyes with thick eyelashes. As to their bodies they stand at a 6'5 foot even I hope they stop growing soon or they will start hitting their heads on the door entrances.

" Hey stop ignoring me lady! My name is Beatrice and my sister here" she says pointing to the girl nexted to her who seems to not to care about her sisters temper tatume. "Her name is Nikki but she calls me Bea, all my close friends call me Bea" Bea said in a high pitch voice that some cheerleaders have as she said with her hands on her hips. Wow her nails are long and painted with the color pink with gold tips.

" HEY! I can describe myself to the readers thank you very much!" Bea yelled at the writer throwing her hands up in frustration. As Nikki facepalms at her sister as she yells at the writer.

" Bea it's her job to do that, she is the one who came up with us in the first place" Nikki said in a normalish voice that isn't as high as her sisters voice that can go really high especially if Leo is around. O my god that is annoying when that happens. Poor Leo even tho I find it funny that Bea is seriously over protective of him.

"I don't care Nikki! I am my own person and i will talk for myself, I don't need her to do it for me! Bea yelled at Nikki who just rolled her eyes at Bea for being overdramatic.

Ok ok Bea calm the hell down you can do it describe yourself to the nice people than we'll see if Nikki wants to do it too then we'll get into the story so everyone can meet Leo and everyone else as well.

" Ok well good! Like what the writer said I am 6'5 with hazel eye to look awesome with my jet black long hair with bangs that get in the way sometime but it all good tho I love having my hair up in one big ponytail. Even tho it's up it's so long that it touches my butt still. It is so soft everyone is jealous over my hair all except Leo his is always so perfect it's annoying as fuck. But other than that i love doing my makeup and dressing in skirts, dresses, short shorts, tank tops, hmmm… ok anything that shows of my curves the most I like to wear it all to show off to all the boys who want me but know that they can't have me…."

So in short you like to play with all the boys feelings? I asked a laughing Bea who is sitting on a chair nexted to Nikki who pulled up a chair for herself crossing her arms over her chest.

" Writer lady and readers Bea flirts like it is air don't look too deeply into things, she is a model for many designers and flirting come with the job it's nothing personal she forgets that she does it alot" Nikki said as Bea glares at her.

" It is as what Nikki said it's a habit from work I mean no harm by it even tho it is fun to do sometimes. If only it worked on my favorite person tho" Bea said pouting tilting her head to the right side causing her hair to move with her.

Nikki laughed at Bea as she was pouting about it. " If HE did hell would freeze over before that would happen but don't you have a boyfriend now Bea?" Nikki asked as she stopped laughing at Bea lifting her perfect eyebrow.

" I do now but HE will always be my first crush i mean come on how could he not be anyones first crush? Just look at him, he is a sexy little bastard! But I do have a boyfriend we'll meet him later but his name is Hunter and he is sexy he makes my heart pound. HE is more like a little brother to me now, who I will protect from bambies." Bea says hissing between her teeth.

Nikki rolls her eyes as she starts to speak to us " Well I am Nikki, Bea's twin sister but i like my hair down unlike her. I also a boxer with a title that I have to protect a lot from other female boxers who are all good in their own right but have failed to take it from me. I'm good at all sports but people are scared of me because I am not as nice as Bea. I get into more fights at school because people try to pick on my friends and I don't like it." Nikki said in a dead serious voice cracking her fingers as she sits leaning forward leaning her elbows on her thighs.

Easy there Nikki we aren't even in the first chapter yet and you are already threatening people..not cool Nikki not cool…..I said looking into her dead serious eyes. Wow she is dead serious I would stay away if I were other girls or boys.

" But other than being into sports unlike Bea I wear T-shirts, huddies, jeans, boy basketball short or anything loose unless its practice then I will wear form fitting clothes. I did have a boyfriend but we broke up over some things that weren't working for us but the shady part is that we are in the same boxing club which sucks but it's all good but i am ready to have everyone of our readers meet the rest of the crew. Ready Bea?" Nikki asked Bea who was smiling and clapping her hands.

" Hell yes let's go everyone! Welcome to Sunnyvale High School home of the lions! A school for the rich and famous!" Bea said pulling everyone with her as we enter her world….