Chapter 6

As the guards take Nikki and Hailey to medical Leo, Bea, Eddie and Brian who is carrying an unconscious Hailey down the hall passing a few other guards who are standing armed with weapons in front of all the put you in the mind of the SWAT team with special force training but only for the school. When the rich and famous say we want our kids to have the best everything they really mean it. All the men and women who work here as guards take it dead serious. Even though Nikki doesn't make their job any easier with her getting into fights with everyone and anyone. Especially with all of her training from her past that her parents made sure she got and it was the best, and it made her the best hand to hand fighter along with knowing how to shoot many weapons and her knowledge with blades and how to live off the grid, made her deadly. Not that she is willing to tell people what she used to do, which was she worked with her parents and no Bea wasn't part of it, her parents used to work for the President of the United States and part time with the FBI not that they do that anymore, they are retired and have other jobs that they are really good at. Amanda Kingston is a very well known designer who has made dresses for Cardi B, Jennifier Anderson, Poppy and many others. Gabriel Kingston is one of the biggest CEOs of a chain of hotels and a scientist that somewhat still works for the FBI.

Nikki was one of the youngest to work for the FBI because of her parents, she has gone undercover on many missions, played many characters, done many things, hurt people and even had to kill. But when her parents retired, she stayed active for 2 years after until they forced her to retire, in those 2 years of Nikki being active she gained the moniker of Demon, Because she did things that others wouldn't do, people often said that she was a monster created by the FBI, after talking to doctors and shrinks they all said they need to force Nikki into retirement for her own good and for her to be a normal Nikki was relieved of duty at the age of 16 years old. After being relieved of duty she was still being watched by the government to make sure she was adjusting to civil life outside of FBI, Nikki still goes to see her therapist because she has severe PTSD and she has episodes that are triggered by some sounds and sometimes high stressful situations and the only person who has seen Nikki's episodes other than her parents is Wee Brian.

..It happened in his last year of middle school with the girls and his brother Leo, Wee Brian was on his way to class when he heard girls giggling but he also heard some crying coming from the girls locker room, he followed the sound and he peeked his head in and than he saw it….

Some girls were holding Bea down and some were holding Nikki back, at this time Bea and Nikki looked identical, dressed the same and their hair was the same, they were at the height of 5'10.

"Hey girls look at what we have here, we have two girls who think they are tough shit and think that they can do what they want" one girl said as she kicked Bea in the stomach, which caused Bea to cough and almost fall forward if the other girls weren't holding her. Nikki struggled against the girls who were holding her screaming "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LEAVE HER ALONE!" The same girl turned around and open handed slapped Nikki across the face with her friends laughing.

Nikki's head snapped to the left from the slap as she turned her head back looking through her hair with pure, unfiltered hatred."I'm gonna teach your slut of a sister to keep her hands off of someone else's boyfriend!"The girls said, spitting in Nikki's face."Girls hold her arm out for me with her hand down with her elbow up!"The girl said turning to face Bea as her friends did what she said, she walked up to Bea who was crying and begging her to stop and that she was sorry.

"It's too late to be sorry slut, time for you to feel some real pain" She said as she lifted her foot and then slammed her foot down on Bea's elbow and the next thing that Brian heard and saw was Bea scream bloody murder and he saw a bone sticking out and the other girls laughing.

As Bea was screaming and crying Nikki looked on in horror and that's when she snapped, Nikki looked down and started to laugh coldly to herself as the girl turned around in fiery."Who are you laughing at you are next!" she said raising her voice as she walk over to Nikki who was looking down laughing, the girl pulled Nikki's chin up "Any last words before you are like your sister over there on the ground in pain?" the girl asked in a cold smiled a cold smile, that sent shivers down Brian's spine."I do" Nikki said coldly. "What's that princess?" the girl growled in Nikki's face. " The Demon says it's your funeral bitch" Nikki snarled in the girl's face.

Before the girl could say anything Nikki smirked and headbutted her face really hard, Brian heard a loud cracking noise and the girl screamed as blood started to flow out of her nose. Her friends turned white and were in shock, as they stood there in shock they loosened their hold on Nikki and that's all it took, one minute they were holding her the next she though one hard against the lockers, hard enough to knock her out, then Nikki turned to the one still holding her other arm smiling coldly, her hand wrapped around the girls wrist as she tried to pull away but she couldn't. Nikki pulled her close and kneed the girl on the side and all Brian hears are soft cracking noises, the girl screams as Nikki kicks her legs out from under her causing her to hit the floor hard.

Brian hears teachers coming down the hall he turns to look to see where they were and when he saw them he turned back and was getting ready to run into the girls locker room he sees Nikki had knocked out the two girls who were holding Bea and now she was holding the leader of the girls by the neck off the ground, with Bea pulling on Nikki's leg begging her to stop.

"Nikki! Nikki! Please stop!" Bea yelled at her sister even though she was holding her bad arm to her and her other one pulling on her sister's leg. "Nikki, you have to stop! You are gonna kill her!" " She could have done the same thing to you! She wasn't gonna stop,why should I?" Nikki yelled back to her sister as she slowly tightening her grip on the girl's neck.

The girl's face was starting to turn blue and she was kicking and clawing at Nikki's hand."But you stopped her Nikki! Now you have to stop,this isn't you, this isn't what my sister would do!"Bea begged Nikki crying her eyes out and then Bea looked up and saw Brian running."Please stop my sister!" Bea begged Brian as he was running to them. How does he get Nikki to let go of the poor bitch?

"Bea! Step back lassie I'm coming in hot!" Brian yells to her as she moves back Brian stops behind Nikki with her back to him. Well Brian thinks to himself "I hope I can do this and not get hurt while trying to stop this crazy, bloodthirsty looking lassie, sigh, if I survive this I'm gonna have to talk to this lassie's parents about this.""Lassie you have to let go" He said softly behind her."I can't she hurt someone who's mine and those who hurt mine need to be punished to the fullest of my abilities Sargent" Nikki said slowly closing her hand.

Sargent? Brian thought as the guards showed up they had their weapons out along with a shrink who knew Nikki. "Miss we need u to let her go" one of the guards said to Nikki. Who turned and looked at them, and as she looked at them the shrink covered his mouth in shock because of the look in her eyes or should he say the lack of emotion in her all green eyes when he looks at her sister and her eyes are hazel, he looks back at Nikki who is watching them very closely but coldly. The shrink takes a step toward her, Nikki pushes Brian more behind her as she tightens a little more on her neck, "Take one more step you good for nothing jailer I'll kill her" Nikki said plainly and slowly.

The girl was running out of air and soon she stopped clawing Nikki's hand and stopped kicking her, her eyes were fighting to stay open as she was gasping for air. The shrink looked hard at Nikki as the guards were taking aim at four different parts of Nikki's body. If the shrink couldn't talk Nikki down in the next few seconds, they just need her to release the girl, so they can move in and get her and her friends to safety. This is the Demon that their boss warned them about, the Demon that has a higher body count than many of them, in their guns are tranquilizer bullets, to just know her out. They can't blame the poor girl for her reactions, it's all that she has known since she was 9 years old. They held their breath.

"Jailer?"The shrink raised one of his eyebrows, it took him a second to understand what she had said and then it hit him. She's having a flashback of some kind from when she was active with the FBI. He knew because they asked for him personally to stay with her, he was the only one she would talk to honestly and truthfully. As to why she called Wee Brian Sargent is because she was always partnered up with a Sargent Mckinney who had an soft Scottish accent, He was taller than Nikki, but they worked really well together, where she was blunt and in your face he was calm and collected.

"What's today's date Nikki?"The shrink asked slowly and carefully, as he stayed where he was, As Brian looked at him confused as was standing behind Nikki. She said the date and it shocked everyone. It was one of the hardest missions that she had to do that involved a girl who was the same age as her and her sister. At the end of the mission the girl died saving Nikki from an unknown jail. Nikki was supposed to save her but the jailer caught Nikki but the girl went and tried to fight the jailer but he grabbed her neck and from what the shrink was told by his bosses, sargent Mckinney and Nikki after sometime, before he snapped her neck she smiled softly through her tears and thanked Nikki for coming for her when she thought no one cared about a street girl like her and thanked her for being her friend. The jailer then snapped her neck and she fell to the ground. Nikki screamed bloody murder and grabbed as small rock from the ground and jumped the jailer. As Sargent Mckinney and others came running to look for them they found Nikki covered in blood and the jailer on the ground with his head busted open and Nikki covered in blood holding the girl close to her, rocking back and forward. As she looked up at them Sargent Mackinney knew, Nikki was going to change and not for the best and one year after that Nikki was forced into retirement by the FBI, with a transfer request from one Sargent Mackinney that was granted.

The shrink looked at Wee Brian and said "I need you to do something for me, I need you to cover her eyes and get her to relax and to release the girl or the guards are gonna shoot her with tranquilizer bullets. Can you do that Brian?"

Brian looks at the shrink and then to Bea who mouthed please with tears in her eyes, Brian then looked at the lassie in front of him who is obviously hurting herself and scared at the same time. "Sargent…. Orders?" Nikki asked slowly as she was about to look back Brian took a deep breath and slowly moved closer to Nikki and covered her eyes with his hand. As he gently rubbed her wrist that was around the girl's neck, he whispered into Nikki's ear "It's ok lassie you did good, it's over lassie everything is gonna be ok." As he said that Nikki released the girl, The girl hit the floor hard gasping for air and the guards rushed to her and pulled her to safety. Nikki's other arm falls to her side as she leans back against Brian who holds her up. Nikki's head falls back onto Brian's shoulder, she whispers only for Brian to hear "She's lucky that she has you here or things would get bloody really fast, open ur fingers just a little just enough to look in my eyes" Nikki said in a soft cold voice, void of emotion. Wee Brian does it and he looks into Nikki's eyes, they were solid green that was fading. Aye lassie such cold eyes Brian thought. " Remember these eyes for they are not your sweet Nikki, these eyes are that of the Demon Kiki, just a warning Wee Brian keep an eye out for me or I'll destroy not just Nikki's life but everyone's life." Kiki whispered coldly as Nikki's eyes closed and her body fell to the ground as he caught her before she hit the floor. Bea crawled to her sister screaming and crying…

As the memory begins to fade away from Brian's head he looks at Nikki as the doctor has her sitting on a bed, With Hailey on another bed still unconscious with doctors getting her all set up to a few machines. Brian sits next to Hailey's bed as he listens to the doctor talk to Nikki and ask her questions on where it hurts other than her nose. Nikki said that her tooth was knocked out and it was one of her fake ones but it was her side, she thinks it's nothing major but she thinks it's her floating ribs on her left side that are doctor asked Nikki to lift her shirt up so he could see before having to schedule and X ray. Nikki did as she was asked with no problem, but she was glaring at Eddie who made a noise about seeing some side boob,blushing like a tomato. Leo glared at his best friend who was looking at his injured girlfriend's boob. Wee Brian laughs at this scene along with Bea.

As they were talking back and forth with Nikki and Brian bickering with each other, Brian swears he sees a little more green in her eyes knowing Kiki was still there, watching from her dark space. Just watching waiting, like a tiger watching from a cage but this cage is his best friend and her happiness. As they were finishing looking over Nikki and Hailey, Hailey will be staying in a hospital for a few days. As Nikki was getting ready to go for x-rays there was a knock at the door…