The children had no choice but to run off, back to the comforts of their home. They ate key lime pies for dessert, trying to forget their tiff with the Koto Allegiance.

They remembered what Sianne had said: they MIGHT have had hidden talents. Alice was good at card tricks; Eilonwy knew all the sword tricks. They pondered about going there in person tomorrow to train as heroes.

The two stared uncertain into the midnight sky, filled with shining stars. The scent of the lime pie complimented the view. And as the children got ready for bed, they felt their hidden talents, gleaming inside their souls, waiting to be released.

The next morning, as the two children ate their breakfast and got dressed, they went out the door again and headed onto the sidewalk. They were going to invest their interest in the Koto Allegiance and how their hidden talents could be exploited there.

The children tasted the air, which lingered today's breakfast but also the coffee house and peoples' rose perfume. They could smell faint Keira scent, but they couldn't tell if Keira was actually in the streets.

"You have talents to exploit," a deep voice called. "I had a meeting with Sianne, and she felt you were hiding something."

The two turned around. Blonde hair...oh yes. This was definitely Coco from yesterday.

The scents of Sianne and Keira that had previously lingered became slightly stronger, but Aisha and Erin didn't see them present. Erin stated, "You're all alone, I see."

"Not exactly," said Coco. "I have a fellow with me."

As if on cue, a blonde with a pink dress and black, transparent jacket arrived, smirking at the children.

"This is Arianna," stated Coco. "The hero with the abilities of light and precognition."

Aisha felt shivers run down her spine. Precognition? Was this a fortune teller? Would she predict...that they stood a chance?

"Relax, she does not read minds." firmly stated Coco. "She can only tell what may occur in the future."

Aisha and Erin were dying to know if their hidden talents had any potential for them to join the Koto Allegiance. This woman seemed she could tell all.

"Hello, little ones." greeted Arianna. "I am here to predict how your talents can work in the Koto Allegiance. You are going, but you require training."

Aisha and Erin were beyond excited. Two children! Working for a superhero allegiance! Arianna did tell all, and they were the luckiest children in the world right now.

"Come with me. We will introduce you once we are in the shrine. You can't fangirl just yet," ordered Coco. The four then walked off to the Koto Shrine.

It wasn't a very long walk, but the coffee house scent and the rose scent quickly perished, being overtaken by Koto hero scents. Before long, they were face to face with the Koto Shrine.

This was their moment. Their shining glory.

"Sianne is just coming out the shrine door," Coco informed the other three, watching Sianne exit the shrine.

And with that, Sianne approached the group of four - a group that contained two soon-to-be heroes.

"Our heroes are here already," Sianne noted, addressing the children.

Arianna replied, "You were convinced they weren't, but curiosity spared the cat for once. Now they're maybe eligible.

"Well, how did they hold up when you met up with them?" asked Sianne.

"They are very excited to work with us to defeat the Kanae Allegiance. They're seeming kind of bewildered by Arianna's powers, but all Koto heroes get used to it."

"Well then. It's decided; I will announce their arrival to the Allegiance."

And with that, the four entered the shrine, got up to the stage with the filled audience of heroes, and the coronation began.

Once the heroes got quiet, Sianne began her speech. "With the recent death of Deputy Willow, Koto Allegiance is beginning to be put at risk of defeat. Never before has an important member of the allegiance died. Deeply saddened by the loss, and in desperation, I have no choice but to hire two kids with interest in our heroism group and their 'hidden talents'."

Aisha and Erin walked up to the front of the stage, smiling at their soon-to-be partners.

Sianne continued to address all of the Allegiance. "Coco and Arianna have met up with these children, and they believe their hidden talents can be used to help us exact revenge on the Kanae Allegiance. As such, they have been coronated as new heroes, who are going to begin their training."

A deafening array of cheers and clapping rose from the crowd - and neither Aisha and Erin were happier to hear this sound in their lives. This audience was about to make two new hero friends - and avenge Wendy.