Worldbuilding stack does not like prose in with the answers, but these three had to come out. Inspired by questions/139172/is-it-possible-to-make-asteroid-concrete/139222#139222

Luvr wrinkled his nose as he plodded through the semicircular hatch. "I hate farping E block," he grunted. "It stinks so bad."

Tys looked at him curiously as they made their way down the corridor. Jack put a hand on her shoulder, fluttering the other at the walls generally. "He means the space pycrete. When they made E block the comet they used was mostly ammonia. In theory it should work better than H2O." He looked ingenuously at the sullen Ogr. "But even though it stays colder than minus 2cents out there, Luvr can still smell it."

"Like farping cat piss," growled Luvr.

"Maybe that's what it is," said Tys. Luvr came to a stop. "Space cats," said Tys. Her face was serious.

Luvr considered this for a moment, and then another, looking back and forth between Jack and Tys. Then he resumed his steady plodding. "I hate farping space cats." Out of the corner of her eye Tys saw him smile.

Jack made his hands into claws. "Pisssssss", he hissed.