"Are you real, Mr Loch Ness Monster?"

Visiting the Nessie's Lair was a curious sailor that went here for a dare,

she tossed some bacon into the lake water in hopes the Nessie would care.

"What is this?"

A loud voice thundered through the cavern and gave the sailor a fright,

she was now scared the Nessie would also give her a bite.

"Oh no, have I upset you, Mr Loch Ness Monster?"

The woman asked with tears now forming in her eyes,

a quivering voice developing as the beast proceeded to rise.

"You have got it all wrong, I am a vegetarian!"

The Nessie answered in a cheerful tone,

rising its long neck from the water and returning the bacon with a stone.

"A vegetarian? But you live in the water with the fishes!"

She was so confused and removed the bacon from her hair,

even the Nessie's appearance gave her a scare.

"Not everyone eats each other down here!"

The Nessie claimed as it snorted,

he was no monster... the sailor found him very big hearted!