Most of you already know that in the beginning all necromancers were men. The power awakening inside one person randomly and changing their hair and eyes white. For ages many wondered, how exactly it came to be.

It began at ancient times, that next to no record of exist – the era when the world was still young and the people were few and gods lived in the world among men. These were the gods left behind by the Makers- the true gods of the universe, to watch over the planed they had made and what ever lifeforms happen to exist on it. Being servants of the Makers they did as ordered and lived among their creations. In palaces, temples, caves, up on mountains, in deep woods the servants made their homes. Eventually they became worshiped beings- gods of that world, answering the prayers of the weak and granting them guidance. Their presence granted humans a lifespan that could rival the elves, though not immortal- humans could live for centuries and retain their youth for as long. Sickness was few,gardens bloomed and food was plenty, seasons were warm throughout. The world was almost paradise like. Still there was death, there was war, not common but still real.

In this age lived a prince, who believed himself to be the most beautiful in all the lands. Being the only son of the king he was expected to choose a bride and one day succeed as the new king. Many kings would bring their daughters in the hopes he would choose one of them, for his kingdom was great and would make a beneficial union. The prince had seduced many of his would be brides with empty promises and pretty words. He bedded all women he deemed worthy, beautiful enough, regardless weather they were noble or peasants. He would court a girl- weeks, months, sometimes a year or two but in the end he would feel dissatisfied with his companion and seek out another.

One day the prince set out hunting with his escort. The hunters chased a deer though the forest but the animal had evaded every arrow. The horses were tired and the men begged to turn back, but the prince refused to give up and return empty handed. He wanted to capture the deer that eluded him all this time. The hunters were told if any of them returned before the hunt was complete they and their families would be executed. So thought the night they hunted, without stopping to rest. Finally one of the horses tired and collapsed to the ground send it's rider of a cliff. The hunters once again pleaded with the prince to return home or to at least rest. Finally relented saying in the dark they would catch nothing but once the sun was up they will continue.

Descending to search for the fallen rider at the light of dawn they found a lone woman standing over his body. She was tall and pale, with long flowing hair and dressed in black robes that looked like they were woven from mist. On her head she wore a crown that was made of bone. This was the goddess Orthica- the goddess of death.

While the hunters looked away in fear, the prince did not. He watched her intently and realized that before him was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon. Leaving the spot in the shadow of the trees he began to approach. The goddess looked at him, telling him that the rider was already gone. The prince responded that he did not care for the rider. She stated her work was done and vanished before he could say another word.

Returning from the hunt the beautiful goddess haunted his dreams along with the ugliness of death. The women he had once adored had become bland in comparison with the beauty of Orthica. He wanted to see her once more. As moths passed he grew more desperate, so night he had snuck poison into his lovers chambers and poured it into her drink. He pretended to be asleep, lying next to her and silently waited for her to die. After hours of waiting the goddess silently emerged from the shadows, he got up and asked the goddess if she remembered him from before. She said that she did. He confessed to have been thinking about her all this time and that could never love another woman for none of them could ever compare to her in beauty. The goddess stated that it was not love that he felt. Taking this as a refusal the price grew angry but he goddess had already left.

Few weeks have passed and the prince had grown increasingly obsessed with the goddess that refused him. Woman just as before would line up for a chance at becoming his wife but he had refused to see anyone. He begged and leaded the goddess to come back. He took a maid to the backwoods and had her throat slit but the goddess still didn't come. As time passed his pleas to give him a chance had become angry. He was the prince all mortal women wanted, he was the one who adored her despite many fearing her, how dare she ignore him.

No matter how much he pleaded, or shouted or threatened or sacrificed, the goddess would not come before him. But one night something else did. The prince had found himself in the presence of a giant snake. It's moss green skin, with a much paler underbelly and piercing emerald eyes. The prince froze in his seat. The windows were closed, the door never opened yet out of the shadows before him the snake emerged. First it's piercing eyes appeared, like floating orbs of fire, then its head and then it's seemingly endless body. It filled the room, head reaching up to the ceiling. The prince sat there and watched, realizing it was no mere snake. Indeed, it wasn't, this snake was Roaken- the god of lies and trickery and he came with a deal. Roaken would help him to seduce Orthica an exchange for aid against invaders that were ailing his people. The price agreed, but he could not lead the troops into battle since he was not king yet. Roaken just laughed and repeated the phrase yet.

Soon after the visit the kind suddenly fell ill and died. Upon becoming king his son had dispatched an army to deal with invaders in the northern swamps. The north was a masterless land that served a punishment for those who broke the law. Living there was said to be a fate worse than death. Exiles from many different corners of the world inhabited it as nomads and hunters without a king or army to defend them.

Many had questioned the decision but once the king threatened to behead any who doubted him, the questioning stopped. Not months had passed since his coronation and Roaken had returned. He brought the king a vial of liquid and instructions to follow. The liquid in the vial was magical and would put anyone a sleep like death, but only for a few minutes.

Unable to wait any longer he set his plan in motion. Following the instructions the god had left him he prepared a magical seal in the room and drank the potion. It worked as Roaken had promised, making it seem like the king was on the verge of dying, thus tricking the goddess into showing up to collect his souls. As she approached him the effects of the potion already wore off and he jumped to his feet grabbing her. Once again he had asked her to be his bride. Orthica refused attempting to flee and finding herself unable to do so. Angered by her refusal the king raped the goddess, rendered powerless by Roakens magic. Thus Orthica cursed the king:

"You are a foul, arrogant man. If death be your desire, then so be it. You and the men who bare your blood will only bare my curse for as long as they walk this earth. "

As dawn came and seal lost its power the angered goddess placed her curse. The king did not react with fear but with mockery as he remained unchanged.

Days passed and the king began to see his hair changing to white, the color in his eyes fading. He was still young in appearance yet still his hair grayed. Then one night when he touched a woman he decided to bed, she cried out in pain and began to wither and decay in front of him. Everything he touched, except for himself would deign to decay. Rumors spread about him and the servants began to avoid him.

Later he discovered another power: while his touched killed living things it could give life to the dead. People have abandoned the castle in fear of the king and his strange new power. Once living corpses began to be seen around the castle, the fear among the villagers grew. The king performed experiments his powers, creating horrors that terrorized the villages around the castle.

Unable to bear it any longer the villagers united and eventually made their way to the kings chambers and killed him. As he died he smiled, believing the goddess would have no choice but to except him now. He was wrong. Orthica denied him entrance into her realm, she created an invisible wall and a door and shut it before him - leaving his souls outside and forever denied the bliss of eternal peace.

As years passed he became consumed with rage and it began to transform him. He became a monster that was part man and part spider. He would try to get back at Orthica by capturing souls that were passing thought, to keep them from entering her realm, keeping them in a dark web until they became corrupted like he was. Those corrupted souls became the first Death creatures.

To protect souls on their way to her Orthica made the veils. They slowed the spread of the toxic corruption but didn't stop it entirely. Some souls, those where less than good in life, were drawn to the corruption and even abandoned eternal rest to stay outside with the king and become creatures.

As times changed and the gods left the world, the curse still lived on in the many illegitimate children, passed on thought the women who went on to have daughters.