The story of how the Crystal Meteorite came to Earth and the first official Humanimal.

July 1st 1998 a Meteorite landed in Southern California in Griffith Park. Witnesses at the time would have told you that everything had a bright blue glow which ceased shortly after the meteor hit the ground.

(That was because after contact a piece of the meteor fell off after which the Crystal changed from bright blue to dark purple.)

It wasn't long before the scientists arriving to find the meteor discovered the what it could do to Animals. As soon as they arrived they saw the Crystal glowing a purple glow illuminating what was happening before it!

All the local wildlife, Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Squirrels, Rabbits, Coyotes not to mention all the myriad kinds of Birds! Were all walking on their hind legs and seemed to be walking in a slow circle around the huge boulder-like crystal, it almost seemed if they were dancing...and hypnotized.

This was terrifying but also thrilling to the Scientists!

Fearing there might be a strange kind of radiation emanating from the Crystal, Humans wearing hazmat suits covered the Crystal on all sides with lead, when the Crystal's glow was completely covered the Animals finally stopped dancing and left, albeit walking on their hind legs...Even the Birds seemed to have straighter backs than they did previously.

A giant crane lifted the lead contained Crystal and brought it to Griffith observatory. Curious about the effect on Animals the Scientists would conduct their first test.

A Random Laboratory Dog selected Subject Number 73, a skinny brown mongrel who seemed to be some kind of retriever mix.

A Great room of reflective aluminum was constructed the Dog entered from one end, the lead container of the crystal entered from the other.

Slowly remote controlled mechanical arms lifted the side of the lead box that the Dog was facing.

The Crystal shone a beam of purple light at the Dog's eyes! The Scientists gasped as the Dog was frozen still as a statue!

Slowly the purple light slowly enveloped the rest of the Dog, a slow but steady transformation took place, first the Dog slowly rose onto his hind legs, his back seemed to straighten out and his forelegs fell to his side, and his paws transformed into furry clawed hands with opposable thumbs. After standing in this beam for several minutes the Crystal all of a sudden stopped glowing. And the Dog finally free started wobbling and clutching his head and then he spoke with a perfectly human sounding voice "Who am I?"

That Dog, once known only as Subject Number 73 became known as Lucky the worlds first Humanimal!

Wow a one chapter story!