All the screams I hold back, all the words I swallow, all the smiles I fake and you still don't see.

They say to "bite your tongue" when in anger, I have bitten mine too many times to count.

The mean words you say and you expect: respect, kindness, gratitude..from me?From ME!?

All that I hid, the cuts, the welts, the bruises, the emotional damage.

You say I am blessed?!

You speak of the hardships you "endure" because of me and how no other gets treated worse than you but I know better.

I won't deny the good but I won't ignore the bad.

I am too young to feel this tired.

You put so much blame on me and allow none for yourself!

You ask my advice then ignore it, and when the choice you made bites you, you have the nerve to take it out on me?!


You won't ever really be alone, will you?

You'll have your self made misery.