A circular two-tiered fountain in Columbus OH. A woman walks to the edge, slips her sandals off, and gets into the water. She wades around it, then goes to where the water pours down from the upper tier. Soon, she's completely soaked.

"This is great!" she says.

Meanwhile, a man films her on his phone.

She is 32-year-old Margaret Atwood, and the man is her husband Ron.

And this is not the first time she has done this—not by a long shot. She runs a YouTube channel called Fountain Play, where there are over 30 videos of her doing this. And she's been doing it far longer than before she started this channel.

"When I was a kid, my parents would take me to local museums with fountains in front of them. When it was warm, I would kick my shoes off and get into these fountains. My parents thought I was crazy!

Her channel has over 5,000 followers. People email her with suggestions for fountains to play in and even what to wear in them. "One guy suggested I wear my wedding dress. But it cost $1,000, so I'm not getting it wet! I do sometimes wear dresses, though."

Sadly, some cities have ordinances against playing in their fountains. "I was once slapped with a $50 fine for getting into a fountain in Akron. But the judge threw it out! I have the incident on YouTube." To make sure she doesn't get into trouble, she usually first makes sure people can play in a fountain before she gets into it.

Naturally, a fully clothed woman playing in a fountain draws interest. "People watch me, and some will actually join me!"

Some might argue that what she'd doing is silly, or even childish. "I think we should all be a little silly, or childish; it makes life more interesting," she responds.

After playing in this particular fountain, she gets out and sits in the sun to dry out.