In the midst of a busy city,
there's a small forest that's charming and pretty.

There's more to this forest than some chose to see,
there's more to this place shrouded in mystery.

What you need is what you'll find,
amidst the ferns and fireflies.

Those who feel lost, forgotten, or down,
will find in this forest love is around.

"You wont be forgotten."
That's what they say.
"We love you and we'll lift you and you shall find your way."

Once you have felt there kindness and grace,
take it with you when you leave this place.

Your stronger than you think you are and you know your not alone.
In this forest we can help you find your home.

For some this takes a big journey and for others just a small step,
just start when you are ready and they will guide you through the rest.

Share of yourself and let them all see,
the power of kindness,
just as the fireflies have done for me.