He hadn't seen the girl before. Her prosthetic arm gleamed in the sun as she struck her punching bag over and over. He marveled at her stamina, at the strength of her punches, how they denied her small frame. After a moment, he stood. As captain, he prefered to know who was using his training ring. He walked over, pauseing on the edge of the girl's perifory. She paused, angled herself away from him, adjusted her stance, and went back to punching. He frowned. He stood there, waiting. A moment passed. Two. The girl knew he was there; he would let her finish her workout.

"What do you want?" she asked, clearly annoyed. She didn't look at him, just kept punching.

"Just your name. Who are you?"

Punch. "Nobody." Punch-punch. He knew he should let her be, but curiosity took over. He waited for her to speak again. Punch. Punch. Punch-punch-punch. "Do you plan on leaving?" Her voice was tired. Done with this interaction.

"I just wanted to know who you are." He said.

She spun around then, still maintaining her fighting stance. "I. Am. Nobody." Fire reaged behind those dark eyes. Her face. The captain remembered that face, had seen it before. The tech department. She had been one of their new apprentices. Then there had been the gas leak. The fire.

"You - you're the new tech apprentice, aren't you? But I thought everyone died in the explosion."

She glanced down at her prosthetic. Then back up at the captain. "I wish."