For eight years we were together,

Through thick and thin we thought we'd stay forever.

Till suddenly you were ripped from me,

By the ones who birthed thee.

And leaving me crying on the floor,

They left and barred the door.

Despair I felt- anguish and sadness,

You vanished behind a curtain of madness.

I could not get to you,

Even if I were brave enough to try.

For all I would have wanted,

Was to say one last goodbye.

I waited for you at the airport- to come back into my life,

But you left me standing there, my back turned to the knife.

Even then I still dreamed, as I flew through the sky,

That you wouldn't really leave me without a last goodbye.

There is anger now, a raging inferno at times,

Begging to be let loose on the others for their crimes.

My main wish now,

Is to say what I need to say-what never had a chance to said.

To yell, to cry, to scream, to just be heard,

They do not even have to say a word.

Time keeps passing and now I know,

That in order to move on I must let go.

Let go of my thoughts and feelings for the one I held dear,

And begin to move in a new direction that lies clear.

Yet even after all is done and said,

There is still more that I wish could have happened instead.

But to you, my old friend, I just say this,

This is my last goodbye, and you will be missed.