Rain poured down in sheets all around me, soaking the nearby ground and creating little streams and rivers through the parking lot I stood in. The rain didn't seem to touch me, though as I stood there listening to it drum upon the ground. The fact that it should have been soaking me but it wasn't didn't seem to catch my attention at all. Why should it? I wasn't here for it, after all. I had more important things to attend to and getting wet wasn't one of them. A flash of light shattered the darkness off to my right, its brightness apparently from the result of lighting striking the ground, which I knew couldn't have happened without my notice. Yet, there was nothing else going on in the area, otherwise I would have sensed it.

The flash lit the area again, this time showing itself to have originated from the ground and not the sky. Its brightness was actually a result of the lack of light in the area, rather than its own brilliance. A sense of urgency built in my chest as I turned and waited to see if the light would show itself again. My patience was rewarded as another flash erupted in the darkness just moments later, this time with the sound of metal on metal accompanying it. I was sure that I needed to go to where that light was coming from-I wasn't sure why, but the need was tangible, and to be honest I couldn't see any reason why I shouldn't go.

The flashes and sound continued to ring out through the gloom more and more as I approached. It was obvious as I neared its source that some kind of battle was taking place. The clang of metal on metal became more desperate in its frequency, and the grunts and groans of voices were now carrying on the wind as well. What kind of battle was going on, I couldn't tell by the sounds alone. In any normal world the sounds of gun fire and explosions would accompany a battle. This, however, sounded more like something from a fantasy movie, something that would suit a novel like Lord of the Rings.

Still, it piqued my interest, and I needed to discover the source of the light. Two figures emerged from the darkness as another bolt of light erupted from the two swords that they were wielding at incredible speeds. Both of them hacked and slashed at each other in a blur, and sparks sprayed from their weapons each time they contacted with one another. Every once in a while the area would light up as one or the other combatant would draw back and swing with all their might. It was an impressive display of power from something so simple as a sword duel.

Their lack of equipment was the next thing that caught my attention after their weapons. The fact that they had no armor on and instead wore long flowing dresses like something one would see at a great ball or a royal court in the past seemed inappropriate to the setting. The clothing had to be hampering their movement as it swished and rolled on them as if they were in the throes of some wild dance.

It fascinated me as I watched the battle continue and my curiosity edged me ever closer. The darkness of the landscape was less evident here, as the closeness to the battle allowed the swordplay's light to reach even me. The blades constant swings and parries provided light almost continually within their little circle. The closer I moved the easier it was to make out the two combatants. The one dressed in black with gold trim in her dress had flowing blond hair which whistled around her head almost as much as her sword did. Her opponent was a much taller fiery-red haired woman with her hair up in a single pony tail. Its movement reminded me of a long horse's tail, except this one swung and swirled around its owner wildly as she to spun and dodged to avoid the blondes thrusts and swings.

The redhead wore a dress as well, as red as her hair with black trim running through out it. Such strange clothes to be wearing to a fight, I couldn't help but think. Again the surrounding area lit up from the burst of light that erupted from the two swords clashing together, as the blonde seemed to put all her might into the blow. The clang of the metal on metal was almost as deafening as the light was blinding. Who were these two women, I wondered, and what were they fighting about?

The redhead stumbled at that moment, apparently tripping on her long flowing dress. I knew those things would eventually spell trouble for the two women! Without hesitation, the blonde lunged forward and took advantage of the others plight. Judging from the look on her face, she swung with all her might, and I knew at that moment the red head was finished. Her reaction time was just too slow, and before I could inhale, her beautiful head went bouncing across the ground rolling towards me.

With inhuman accuracy the now free head rolled to my very position and stopped just mere feet in front of me, the look of shock and surprise clearly still outlined on the poor girls face. Her eyes froze almost accusingly as they stared at me from the place it had stopped, and summoned a wave of guilt in me. My reaction surprised me, as surely I had played no part in this woman's demise. Why should she accuse me of anything in her death throes when I didn't even know who she was? I looked up from that face in an attempt to locate the blonde that was responsible for this deed.

Somehow she had left, leaving only me and what was left of this woman in red. I decided to turn my accuser's face away from me rather than continue to face her look...and I realized I too was holding a sword. Upon closer inspection, it looked surprisingly like the one used to decapitate the woman that now lay on the ground before me. How could I have gotten this?

I lifted the finely crafted weapon to admire its beauty, and I saw my reflection between the blood smeared along its length. Green eyes and long flowing blonde hair. I dropped the blade immediately and stared down at the black dress with the gold trim of the woman who'd been fighting.

It was me. Somehow that woman was me.

The alarm beeped annoyingly loud as I reached over and tried to turn it off. My first attempt missed the snooze button, and instead knocked the damned thing off the table. The clock actually squealed as it impacted the floor, but did it stop beeping? No. Of course, when I sat up to reach for it, it had to roll under the nightstand as well. By the time I had silenced the little menace I was already completely out of bed, the five extra minutes I'd wanted to sleep spent. It wasn't the best way to start a morning, but at least I was up on time.

I headed to the bathroom and took my ritual shower that I'd always done since entering puberty. Mostly because if I delayed it I would never get in the darned thing. I hated showering, but it served a necessary function. It woke me up, and it made me more presentable, both things I've been told are good for me. A quick breakfast and some coffee afterward, and I was ready to face the world...or at least college.

That made up most of my world these days, that and online games I was addicted to.

All in all, it wasn't a bad life by any means. I had gotten enough grants and loans that I didn't have to take a part time job to go to school, and I only lived a few blocks from the community collage I was going to. I didn't have a girlfriend and what few friends I did have were either online or fellow classmates. That was okay, as I did like my privacy, or at least that's what I told myself. The sky outside was slightly overcast, but not too bad. I doubted I was going to need an umbrella...which was good, since I didn't have one anymore. I left my umbrella in class a few days back, and when I had doubled back, it had already mysteriously vanished. It was just another thing I was going to have to get when I had some extra cash.

The walk to school and class passed without incident, which wasn't anything new. Nothing ever really happened here. I think the last big event that came to mind was when the president had stopped by for an hour, campaigning to be re-elected. As I recall, it didn't go to well for that guy. He was replaced by a younger, more hip version of himself. None of it really involved me, though. Class started as usual as I stared out the window while the professor lectured on the chapter for today. It wasn't that I didn't have any interest in what he had to say, though. In fact, had he talked about this a few weeks before, he would have had my full attention rather than the minimal I was giving him. About two weeks ago, my internet went down and I found myself with nothing to do except school work. Since most of my classes followed the text books that we were required to have for the class, it was easy enough to just do nothing but schoolwork and study for those few days.

So, now I was several weeks ahead of the rest of the class. Well, assuming there were no surprise workshops or extracurricular work that arose within that time. I knew I couldn't count on that, but I kind of looked forward to that possibility. After all, being ahead would get boring fast.

Rain started to fall from the clouds that had thickened in the sky since class started. A flash of light. stirred a memory inside my consciousness. What was it? Another flash, and a few second later a loud rumble filled the classroom, temporarily silencing the professor and causing a murmuring to break out among the students. I wasn't sure if the other students were excited at the prospect of a thunderstorm or nervous. Another flash followed by a quicker boom happened again, this time causing the lights to flicker inside the classroom. The memory inside me stirred again as I caught an optical illusion of what appeared to be lighting rising from the ground and striking the clouds above.

I knew it was impossible, though. Electricity always takes the path of least resistance to the earth which acted like the ultimate lighting rod. People and trees were hit regularly just because they're more conductive than air, and thus a shortcut to the ground, not because electricity flies wildly everywhere. So, for electricity to rise up into the air like it appeared to was simply against the natural order of things. Yet somehow I felt like I had witnessed this before. It was eerily familiar in so many ways to...something. Another impossible flash followed by the accompanying thunder brought darkness to our room rather than just a flicker. The lights literally blacked out as another flash happened in the distance.

The dream came back to me then, as I sat in the darkness of the room. Students voices rose, some in panic, others in laughter. A chair crashed to the ground as a student stood suddenly. All of that was at the edge of my awareness, as I found my head filling with the memory of that strange dream. The two women and the sword...the sword that held the reflection of the blonde who had my eyes.

For just a second I could feel the weight and cold of the steel in my hand as if it were real and I was back in my dream, and then reason returned to the world as the lights came back on in the classroom.

Students were in disarray throughout the room. A few had stayed in their seats, but most had migrated to groups among themselves and a few had even wandered to the windows to watch the forces of nature play outside in the sky. The professor had remained where he had been speaking, but I could see tenseness in his face. It took only a minute before he surrendered to his feelings and called a break to the class. Most of the students poured out of the classroom heading to places unknown. Myself, I headed to the bathroom.

The cold water felt nice, as I leaned over the sink and splashed my face with it. The images from the night still swam before my eyes despite my attempts to clear them away with the shock of the cold.

"It was just a dream." I said, causing the guy next to me who was combing his hair to stop and look at me. I suppose the poor guy thought I was talking to him, but seeing that I was looking into the sink and the mirror, not him, he shook his head in confusion as he walked out of my sight.

"I needed to get a grip." I said to myself. After all, I couldn't understand what this feeling was gripping my chest as I replayed the dream over in my head. A mix of exhilaration and fear filled me. My heart was pumping like I had just ran the mile, and my breathing was labored. I began to wonder if I was about to have a heart attack before a couple more students entered the bathroom.

Their presence actually allowed myself to ground my mind in reality, and the dream like quality that had been clouding my mind since the black out began to evaporate. I almost wanted to thank the two of them, but I realized how weird that would look. Instead I threw more water in my face then stood up and looked into the mirror.

A part of me expected to see the green eyed blond staring back at me, her long hair blowing about her head, caught in an imaginary wind. Instead, my face with my unkempt black hair greeted me. It was a decidedly male face which no one could ever mistake for the model-esque high features that the blonde held. Seeing it immediately calmed my nerves and chased away the dream of the night before.

What the hell was that? I thought. I've had some pretty lucid dreams in my past before, but that one takes the cake. I looked around the room. Both of the students had disappeared into the stalls behind me, but their presence still gave me some assurance that I was in the here and now as the two talked about their classes through the stall walls. That sense of assurance was something I needed right then.

A quick look at my watch told me that I had been away from class to long, and that it had most likely started again. It wasn't really a big thing, but I did hate having to stand in front of the class, as I had a particularly strong case of stage fright. Oh well, it's just something I'll have to live with. After all, it's not like I'm going to stop and stand there for a bit. I 'll only be up front for a second or two.

My face greeted me one last time as I looked into the mirror to make sure there was no more water left on it. I ran my fingers through my hair as I realized I had somehow left my comb back at home again. I avoided looking into my eyes the entire time, afraid that I would lose touch with reality and look into the blonde's eyes once again. I needed to get back to class before I lost it again.

The hallway was a blur as I tried to keep my mind blank, resisting any temptation to think or dwell on the strange dream that had come back to me earlier. I had no idea what it meant, and in fact I didn't want to know. Was it even possible for dreams to actually mean something? Did it matter?

"No, stop thinking about it." I said out loud as I came to my classroom's door. Walking in, I could see everyone was back in their seats. Some of their eyes turned to me as I stepped in, and the stage fright chased all thoughts of the dream from my head in that instant. I wasn't sure which was worse, as I moved as fast as I could for my seat.

"Ron!" The professor raised his voice, and stopped me in my tracks. I could feel all eyes upon me as I did so. No...this is definitely worse than the dream. I thought as I turned to face him.

A big smile greeted me on the professors' face as he stood up front, and a blonde young man stood next to him whom I had never seen before. The blonde's slim frame and almost feminine features immediately drew my attention as I quickly looked into his eyes. Their crystal blue color smiled back at me as I felt myself physically relax.

"Ron, this is Kerry." The professor pointed at the young man standing next to him, who immediately stepped forward, hand extended. "He's your roommate. Why don't you show him to the desk near you?"