Slowly, slowly, climb atop my shoulders; I'll hold you aloft

to seize stardust from the tails of fallen stars. I'll sing laments

for all wishes that cannot be.

Dream on, dear one, with many 'a happy sigh.

Rest now, as sleeps final slumber sweeps you up high.

Shining silver-bright with all the stars dancing in the sky.

Dance little star, all aglow, with true spirit shining through.

A candles spark to illumine darkened night.

Drink deep of the river Lethe; lay down these earthly sorrows.

Surrender to eternity's sweet embrace. Shake loose cumbersome

yoke, anchoring a heart full to burst for coveted freedom.

Dream on, dear one, and know.

If you need that stardust so…

I'll lift you up,

And gently, gently,

I'll let you go.