Ark BY: Finn chandler

Ark is the best game and i'll tell you why first there are dinos and wyvern [dragon] they are on RagnaRok. There are rockdrakes. [There from star wars obyone rides one in of the star wars] There is a map cald aberation.

In all the maps there are dinos and each dino is spelshal like some dinos can be used like an acundisher and the is a dino cald giga and there is a bronto and a dragon boss that you can tame its so big that you can't see the dragon on your screen. Ark is the best game.

It's a survival game. Most games don't have dinos. You can ride dinos. You can tame them.

You can build on some of their saddle. Ark has amazing graphics. There are about 5 different bosses some bosses give you element and with that you can power generators and generators power auto turrets.