I don't know how this idea occurred to me. I have had it in the back of my mind for 2-3 months now and I know how to start it so yeah. I have a story I've been planning since September 2018 and I still don't know how to write it so...yeah. Also I'm trying to do the line spacing thing I've been avoiding. I have an English exam tomorrow so I'll be busy doing that tomorrow and I'll be studying this weekend so I might not be able to update until the weekend after my exams. By the way, this is just poking fun at stereotypes. I don't believe any of these myself nor have I had many of them thrown at me.

This is something I never thought would ever happen to me. I know it happens but I didn't expect to be a target of this. I was surrounded by kind people growing up. It was a massive surprise when I first met my racist roommate.

"So do you want me to carry anything up there for you?" Gabriel asked as he placed another box on the warm tarmac road.

"No I'm sure I can handle it...but you can help if you want. Could you get the really heavy stuff and the delicate stuff? We both know I should not be trusted with those." I replied, picking up one of the boxes he had put on the ground. He nodded and put the last box on the ground.

"We could organize them. You get your pile and I'll get mine. Here, these are Christmas decorations. I'll carry them while you get this box of clothes." Gabriel suggested before handing me a box labelled "Clothes". I hadn't noticed him labelling everything as usual which caused me to chuckle as I grabbed the box from him and made my way into the dorm building. I opened the room to see a tall girl sitting on the armchair, looking at her phone. I gave her a smile and a wave. I only got a glance and a disgusted look in return. I walked to the bedroom and put my box on the empty bottom bunk bed. Gabriel walked in after me and I heard a faint voice from the living room.

"Yep definitely your typical white girl. Ugh why did it have to be a white girl?" the girl in the living room groaned quietly to herself. I thought it was just something she saw on her phone and shook it off. I continued unpacking and organizing my part of the room while Gabriel continued placing boxes beside me. When I finally finished, I stood up to thank Gabriel when he suddenly started talking about my roommate.

"Y'know, your roommate kept making...comments when I was carrying your boxes. I think she may be I little frustrated at something. Maybe you should make dinner or something to loosen her up a bit." He suggested. I nodded and thanked him. I watched Gabriel leave and then my roommate finally said something to my face.

"So is that your boyfriend? He seems like the type you white girls go for; no visible body fat, seems like the athletic type and he's got a deep voice." she said in a flat yet bitter tone. I looked at her, confused for a few seconds before giving her my honest answer.

"No. He's my friend. We've been friends since middle school back when he was actually a girl." was all I said. The girl squinted at me, looking into my eyes as if she didn't believe me. She then lay back and made another remark.

"Let me get four things straight even though you're blonde so I doubt you can count. One, I'm polish. I'm not Korean, Japanese, Chinese or any other form of Asian. Two, I'm studying to be a journalist. I hate math, cooking, medicine and any other career stuff you guys stereotype us with. Three, don't try lying to me. I know you are just a basic white girl like all the rest. Finally, if you think we're ever going to be friends, you're wrong. I would never be friends with a white girl like you. Got it?" She said. She seemed angry with me. I nodded. Her remarks and all the moving had officially drained my energy. I really needed a quiet place. I got my phone from my pocket and texted Gabriel to see if I could relax at his place. He replied with a thumbs up and I grabbed my bag.

As I left, I heard my roommate say "Yeah hurry off to Starbucks with your girlfriends or off to your yoga or cheerleading session.". Normally I would've made a snarky reply but I just didn't have the energy or the willpower to do it. I walked down the hallway and up the stairs until I reached Gabriel's dorm. I knocked on his door and his roommate, Jack, answered.

"Oh hey Abby. Gabe said you were coming over but you know how much of a morning person I am. Come on in." he greeted. I walked in and saw Gabriel sitting on the couch. Jack put a bottle of water on the coffee table for me and went back to cooking in the kitchen. Gabe was drinking his usual drink of hot chocolate. He put the mug on the table and looked at me.

"So what happened with your roommate?" he asked. I told him about all the comments she was making. How she thought she labelled me a "basic white girl" and said that I was a dumb blonde, how she thought I would stereotype her based off her Asian appearance but my main focus was on the fact that she said that we would never be friends.

"It sounds like you're in a bit of a roommate pickle. Kinda like me and my sister when we were in the same room. Tell you what, you should try moving in with her gradually. You can spend some nights here and spend some nights there and when you're confident with her, you can live with her full time. Now...Jack's making dinner. He's making lasagna, your favorite." Gabriel suggested. I chuckled at the last sentences as Jack entered the room.

"Jack has MADE dinner and Abby is lucky that I make extras of everything. It comes with it's drawbacks, like the time I gave my mom food poisoning from leaving baked potato soup on the counter overnight." He said as he placed two plates on the coffee table and one on his lap. I took my lasagna with a smile on my face.

"Thanks you guys. You're the best." I said before chomping on the lasagna. Gabriel gave me a pat on the back as we continued eating. I was glad to have friends who would give me a place to be. Even though that would never prevent or prepare me from what was coming the next day.