You believed in a God

I could never let

Myself fully believe in.

You spent your Sundays

In a stained glass prison

That haunted my

Many existential crises,

Never once thinking

That you never had to.


My church is the resonating silence my moonlit bedroom, blanketed in serenity.

I worship in a warm, sunlit afternoon, grinning at the open, cedar lakeside.

My bible is an acoustic-indie playlist blasting from my phone.

I worship the universe stargazing, staring into the eyes of God on my own time.


As often as you ask me,

I never come with you.

I do not step foot inside.

I do not sing along.

I keep my distance,

Watching with

My headphones plugged in.


My beliefs confuse,

Drawing inspiration

From Greek mythology,

From Biblical quotes,

From Hindu ideals,

From my own curious mind.


You do not ask,

And that's alright.

I don't expect you to.

You keep smiling at me,

Loving me cautiously,

Never sure if we'll meet

In your afterlife

Or mine.