In kindergarten they said,

"If someone does something you don't like, you need to ask them to stop!" and

"If someone's bullying you, tell a grown-up!"

And it worked

at least when Jake the meanie stole your crayons

and then guiltily slunk back to his seat when you told the teacher.

Well, that's not how life is.

In real life

you don't get what you want by asking politely.

In real life

telling someone might make it worse.

If you're being bullied

no amount of "please" will stop them.

You think they don't know you hate it?

You think they'll stop just because you asked?

Life's not the colorful bubble your kindergarten classroom was.

Life is real.

Life's a crazy free-for-all

with people grabbing, stealing, and trampling the weak.

"Please" isn't always the magic word.

Sometimes the only way to get what you want

is to fight back.