Insulting a police officer is not a good idea, but it's a different issue whether you can be arrested for it. Those who get in officers' faces either with their words, actions, or even photography, are often arrested under statutes which prohibit obstructing officers in their investigations or arrests.

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Aris followed a dirt road leading to a town. She found herself in bustling city. It was very large, with a big building in the back with a big marketplace.

She passed by a fruit stand and immediately ordered the vendor around.

"YOU! Peasant man! I command you to give me some food!"

The man eyed her equally with curiosity and contempt.

"Who do you think you are, the princess? She's beautiful. You look more like the Goddess, Ira,"

Aris looked over her clothes, which were white cotton clouds on the trim and rightfully sky-blue.

"I'm uuuggly! 'Just like my sister. And your princess must be ugly, too!"

"HEY! Never. Speak. Ill. Of. The. Goddesses. OR the princes. Or rather your sister. Wow, you're confusing." the vendor warned.

"You're right! I should be making fun of YOU! YOU with the purple tunic and tights!"

"And you insult my clothing, too? Where are you from that they taught you such manners?"

"A Goddess Cottage," Aris explained.

"Past the beauty of Aris' trees,

From the practicality of Ira's thunder,

Ending with the Goddesses' cottage,

In a land of wonder."

"Pssh. So, you know scripture of the goddesses."

"I don't just know the goddesses," said Aris, indignantly. "I AM a goddess!"

"You're crazy," the vendor said. "GUARDS!" he called.

Three guards, which were only a few feet away at a fish vendor, they turned to Aris and the fruit vendor.

"You, with the dark blue armor!" Aris called. "Arrest this man!"

"As it turns out, we overheard your conversation, Miss," said one guard. "And you were the one harassing this man."

"And so what? YOU need harassment, too!"

"Did you hear the part where she insulted the princess?" the vendor complained.

"The PRINCESS?!" a guard exclaimed.

"Oh, well. We can't take her in by insults, only. At least, not in this kingdom. But she DOES look like the goddess, Ira." a second guard said.

"I am NOT Ira!"

Aris decided to take her clothes off. She looked down her shirt to glimpse another dress.

"Weird. But perfect!"

She took her first dress off.

Everyone in the crowed hooted and hollered.

Then they realized the new dress looked exactly like her top shirt.

"Ira, your sick sense of humor knows no bounds." Aris admitted defeat.

For now.

"Take her away," another guard said.

Aris struggled all the way to where she was going.

"Wait. Where am I going? Wait. HOW DO I TAKE A SHOWER?!"


They arrived at a lush palace of towers of brown, red, and gold.

Aris was shown a thrown room. There were three thrones, and a young-looking girl sitting in the smallest one in the middle.

Aris immediately started. "You, with the pink silk and veil on her-"

The Princess held up her hand to silence her.

"I'm very well aware what I look like," she said. "Why point it out?"

Aris was beginning to know to watch her mouth.


"Where I'm from we always point out our clothing."

"She says she's the goddess, Aris." the first guard said.

Aris gave him a glare.

"Oh, my prayers have been answered!" the Princess said joyfully. "You've come!"

"Huh?" Aris was confused.

"Oh, but they must be confused. Aren't you Ira?"

"No." Aris said plainly.

"So, then you're Aris!"

"She's a public nudist, Princess," explained the first guard.


"I have more than one dress."

"Prove it."

After Aris took off a dozen dresses, the Princess was convinced.

"But how do you expect to bathe?"

"You tell me! It's part of this spell my-"

Everyone stared.

"Uh, a witch! Yes, a witch put me under this spell."

"That's too bad. You see, I was praying to the goddess, Aris for beauty for the longest time. But now I know what really happened. " her voice was filed with lament but sureness.

"Why? Are you ugly?" Aris bluntly said.

"How dare you!" said the first guard.

"Guards, please leave the room." the Princess gently ordered.

He stared at the goddess and all of them left.

"Sorry for the rudeness of my guards. You can call me Eileen."

Eileen unveiled herself to show the face of an ugly old woman.

"I can see why you prayed to Ira." Aris decided.

"I had normal looks, but I wanted to look absolutely beautiful for my fiancé. So, I prayed to be gorgeous. Nothing worked. Then one day, I was struck by this ugly curse! I thought it was for not being grateful for the looks I was born with, but seeing you, I now know what really happened,"

'I was the one who stole her looks,' Aris thought to herself. 'One of eight people'.

"My parents are on their way back from their quest to find a cure for me, but if YOU succeed, I can try to get my parents to give you half our kingdom."

The wheels turned in Aris' head. 'I'm a goddess, so I shouldn't need a kingdom. But a castle sounds good,'

"Agreed. But I want a few of your guards to accompany me. Now."

"I can't do anything for you, NOW, but I can pray for your safe journey. How about I send you off on the castle's official fruit vendor's cart?"

"That guy again?"

"What about him?"

"Pssh. Fine. Nothing else I can do,"

Aris left the city walls on a back of a very angry vendor's cart.

"Just keep quiet, okay, girl?"

"You, too." Aris told back.

'Now where to go'? Aris tried to figure out.