She wore something
Around her neck
Something precarious

Something that she couldn't remove

It wasn't a noose
She wasn't hanging by it
But it was most unusual

In that she was not one of those sorts
To wear this contraption

She was silent
Her eyes staring through objects, into nothing
While she wore

That contraption around her neck

It stuck there
She couldn't sever it
And she exhausted herself

Trying to break it
So, she became resigned
Resigned and resentful

Of the one who placed it around her neck

She wasn't much of anything
Besides a living possession
And this contraption signified that

She was property
Something to be owned
And restrained

Around her neck, she wore
Not a noose, as she didn't dangle from it
But it was a contraption

Reserved for living possessions
That were sentient but not sapient

Oddly, it was lovely looking
But she hated it
Yet, she was resigned

To wearing that contraption
That she didn't hang from
That signified what she was

A living possession
Something to be owned
And restrained

Something she couldn't
Sever and had exhausted herself
Trying to break

Leaving behind resignation and resentful

The collar