Epilogue – Gray Fox

Louis drives his Fox Jacket toward FBI HQ and he can't believe his eyes. Even the white foxes and the swift fox can't believe their eyes. It's a very horrific scene.

People scream for dear life as zombie foxes bite them with one mouthful and run off to attack another victim. The person that is taken in by the bite covers themselves up in a cocoon that looks like a brain. It appears like the brain has blood flow and the the people scream.

The people scream and try to break free from the prison and that only makes the process faster. The body shape shifts into a fox that represents the person's personality and that's where the similarities end. That's where the horror begins and destroys every thing in sight.

The people sprout out of the cocoons as zombie foxes and get in preparation to attack something else that looks so delicious and appetizing.

Some of the zombie foxes attack the Fox Jacket. The foxes can smell and sense the fresh meat inside the safety of the vehicle. This frightens the foxes inside of the car. This also frightens Louis as he gets closer to FBI HQ.

Louis calls the FBI HQ. "Monte, what the hell is going on here? First we get some months of relaxation, now I'm seeing people shape shift into foxes from a bite and they're going off to bite another poor victim. One of the victims happen to be me."

Monte explains. "I don't know what's going on here. All I know is that Shadow Fox did unleash the fox virus and this must only be the beginning to the mayhem. Just come down here and I'll give you further details. Now, move it!"

Louis speeds up the Fox Jacket and runs over any zombie fox that dare step in front of his Fox Jacket and makes it toward the FBI HQ. He rushes inside with his foxes and doesn't look back.

Monte closes the metal door on the zombie foxes before they can get inside. "I'm glad you made it White Fox, it looks like pandemonium."

Louis shakes his head and can't believe what's going on. "Can you believe this is happening? This is nuts."

Christopher grins and prepares his weapon. "This counts as a suicide mission if I ever saw one. This is just insane."

Elena salutes and calms the foxes down. "Christopher, we can't justify a suicide mission. It'd be too dangerous. We have to stick together."

Monte agrees. "That's just what we'll do. We need to keep the barricade down. However, if the zombie foxes do get through; fire away and protect the foxes in this building. I don't know what will happen if the zombie foxes bite other foxes. However, it can't be good."

Louis is ready for anything. "Let's just hope all it takes is to shoot these bastards once. It looks like we have a new challenge."

Claire agrees. "Yes. We're gonna kick those zombie foxes' asses."

To be continued in … Gray Fox.