Punishment has come,

For monsters,

Raiding beasts,

From beyond the shallows,

From the deep.

They come as monstrosities,

From the coitus of Man,

Creatures of him and his creations,

Not the shape,

Of the body,

But the mind.

They float over all,

As billowing thunderclouds.

Seething together,

Rage everywhere.

Human bodies,

Human arms,

Human poison,

All attached to one,

Slimy hot metal bone mass.

They have had enough,

War replies to war.

Here they are.

They force me to watch.

They tear roofs off houses,

Grab the masters,

Rip, violate,

Burn, freeze,

Squash, consume,

All our ways,

Are known to them.

They long observed Man,

We are great teachers.

They do the same to our animals,

Then, our towers fall,

All mankind's created and touched,

Then disappear,

The tumors have been burned.

It will happen everywhere,


They love us, this is love,

Naughty children,

Cannot be left alone,

Without disaster.

Cycle not end,

War with war,

More come war.

No place here,

Accept punishment,



No more chance,

You mistake,

End, die now,

Don't come back.