There's a dark around the world,
Shrouding everything we love in the absence of light,
Fighting against us tooth and nail just to break us.

Isn't it odd?
Watching who we were walk away from us?
When memories are all we have left of a forgotten legacy?
All of our memories and promises lost to sea.

Because in the end, it was us.
It was only ever us.
Us few who stood tall,
Us few who dared to fight against the world.

We battled prejudiced with open arms and a smile for all to see,
We were not dangerous.
We were nothing to be afraid of.

But none of the that mattered, did it?
Because in the end, we were alone.
In the end our numbers were picked off one by one by one.

Until eventually none were left.
Only me staring into the void of lies; of death.
Staring into the eyes of those who had promised us freedom.
But the only 'freedom' they had planned for us was a rope hanging from a tree.