Black and White

Remember those peaceful days in the small of our youths?
When a split knew was the worst to happen?
When everything fit into neat little boxes labelled 'wrong' and 'right', 'normal' and 'weird'.
When it was as simple as 'black' and 'white'?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Just when did things stop being so simple?
When did 'being shy' become an anxiety disorder?
When did 'hyper' become ADHD?
When did 'temper tantrums' become a bipolar disorder?
When did 'imaginary friends' become schizophrenia?
When did 'emotional' become depression?

Was it simple naivety in our youths?
Or is it now us being over-critical of ourselves, of our children?
Perhaps it's a mix of both.
Tell me, just when did 'black' and 'white' bleed into grey?