At Long Last

It was the triumph of the hour,
All the lights flickering in the hard-earned success.
Years of work and planning,
All for this.

Our strife was over,
All the pain in the world vanquished.
One switch of a lever and all the prejudice gone.
I call you now:
Rejoice! Rejoice in the lost ways and become slave to the end of strife.

It is time now, don't you see?
We have defeated the greatest adversary!
No longer is there pain, debt, hate, or fear in the world.
No longer is there suffering, poverty, famine, or anything in the world.

Yes, we have triumphed!
Rejoice in the glory!
There is nothing left to hinder us now.
After all, we cannot feel pain if we are gone.

There can be no negative things in the land of the free,
Rejoice as all your woes lift away!
Just pull the switch and all the pain goes astray.
No longer will you feel hurt, sorrow, or grief.
After all, pain can not exist if we cease to be.