Tainted, yellowish-white covered the entire world. Strong, safe, curved walls met slitted blue eyes. He was safe here. Safe. He settled down to nap, letting the warm, gooey liquid slosh over his pointed scales. Comfy, cozy, safe.

A muffled voice came from above, though it was far too distorted to make out, distorted by fluid in his ears and shell blocking out the sound. What sounded like two more voices joined the fray and wash of sound. It was starting to hurt his ears and he wanted it to go away.

The voices got a bit louder, everything started to make less sense. Something was wrong, horribly, horribly wrong. It was getting harder to breathe, his little heart hammering with fervour in his chest. Fear.

He had to get out, he had to! He stretched his wings, clawing and biting at the small crack until the walls of his home gave way.

Various new sensations hit him, it was enough to overpower him and everything went hazy for a moment. Slowly he became aware of all these new… things…

First was the feeling. Rough texture unmoveable beneath his feet and the wind gilded and flowed over bright his blue scales and leathery wings.

Blue eyes blinked rapidly, taking in the surrounding dark brown craggy rocks and spires around him, and the large, oh so very large sky before him- there was no end!

But in front of him stood a monstrous purple dragon, crimson eyes narrowed and the snout of the beast coming forward to sniff at him.


Why… How did he know all of this…? This… This voice inside his head telling him all of this information. What was it?

Do not fear me, clutchling. The voice rumbled into his mind, startling the young dragon.

Nope nope nope nope-


And… And all the fear fled from him, leaving a contented feeling in its place.

Okay. One thing at a time. He had just been… In an egg. He had just hatched. And this was a dragon in front of him. He was a dragon.

The big purple -Mother- dragon smelled different. She almost smelled like his egg. She was safe… He would trust her.


This entire thing was wrong! There was a dragon in front of him! He was a beast! There as a voice in his head and- and-


Fear fled again, but the feeling of wrong didn't leave, simply making his mind clearer. Something was wrong, he didn't know how, really, but he felt as if he was missing something vitally important.

The large purple dragon-Mother, clutchling- began to speak. Her giant maw opening and rumbles filling the air. It all felt terribly too loud. He wanted to go back into the egg.

"-ttle one? Can you understand me?" Those sounds… They formed… words… And… And he understood them. Mostly.

The little dragon blinked owlishly up at Mother, giving a slow and awkward nod.

"He's a bit slow. And he hatched late. Do we get to kill him?" He swiveled his head to the new sound, a smaller beast stood, scales a dark russet brown and smell that was… male.

The new dragon was smaller than Mother but a significant margin, but still nearly triple his own size.

Blue eyes blinked again, looking at yet another dragon just a little smaller than the brown dragon. But this one was… Green. And female.

Breathe, his mind supplied. Not wanting to question the voice, he listened and relaxed as he stared at the three dragons before him. All with vivid dark coloured scaled and bright red eyes.

Mother spoke again, looking almost amused at the brown dragon's words.

"You need a name, little one. Can you say something?"

He looked up at her, staring blankly. Say what? That there was an odd voice in his head telling him things?

"Come on, speak. You can do it." She encouraged, red eyes looking at him with concern.

"Give up, Mother. He's useless. I told you we should have smashed the egg." Brown said that.

"Oh, Vekul, shut up." Green said that one.

"Nirsean, I swear!"

Brown -Vekul- and Green -Nirsean- began to bicker, throwing heated words back and forth. He found himself making a strangled whimper, backing up in fear.

He had meant to say, 'Please, stop! You're scaring me!' but what really came out was more of a "Pseeringe!"

Vekul stopped fighting with Nirsean at least, giving out an amused chortle, eyes shining the colour of blood.

Well, if his mind could tell him things could he ask? He could try, at least. He focused, thinking back silently into his head, "What's blood?"

The voice responded quickly, seeming almost pleased at the interest. It comes from dead things. The voice sent a wave of information and the young dragon found himself feeling a bit queasy.

A conversation took place between them, leaving the dragon feeling oddly fascinated but disgusted at the same time. This blood let everything live but without it things die. So… Vekul killed something?


Oh… Well… Okay, good to know.

His attention quickly snapped back to Mother as she growled, her blood eyes shining in agitation. "Little one, listen!"

He cowered a bit, whimpering. Did she want him to speak again? Would that stop the anger?

Say Mother. Well, the voice seemed to know everything so far. Why not follow it now?

"M-Mother…" His voice was scratchy, and using it rather hurt, but the voice gave a short praise and the dragon felt himself puffing up in a bit of pride. Even Mother nodded at him, nodding and giving a small smile to the young dragon.

"You will be called Zenith." Mother decided eventually, bestowing him with a name.

"Zenith. What does that mean?"

Power, the voice answered, your name means the apex of power.

"Oh… Is that good?"


"How do you know?"

Because, my dear dragon, the Stars have foretold it.