A soft caress,

Feather soft down against her face.

A blush so innocent on smiling cheeks

As she glances down.

Blood races through her veins,

Heart beating like thunder.

Her mind spirals as lush lips touch her neck,

Then her cheek.

Lips meet lips,

A silky, warm kiss raises heat on her skin.

Body on fire, mind out of control,

Arms around each other.

Fingers clumsily tear at clothes,

Arms cling to one another.

Skin slides against skin,

Feeling a closeness never felt before.

Fangs graze thin skin,

Hot blood pumping just below the surface.

The bite so sharp,

Replaced by lust and fervent wanting.

Blood passes between, stirring emotions and desires.

He a vampire that feeds on blood,

On life, on her life.

She a mortal,

Seduced by wicked love,

Belonging to him, eternally.