AN: Before you even read this, KNOW THAT THIS IS A PRACTICE POEM IN THE POV OF ONE OF THE CHARACTERS FROM ONE OF MY UPCOMING STORIES. NOT real life. So don't think of me as a psychopath or call the cops on me.

Anyways, if you're sensitive to gore or things like that, LOOK AWAY. I'd say go look at my other story, Ghost in the Attic. Well, that's the end of my shameless self-plug.


The kerosene coating their bodies,

Lighting like a glorious match.

Their screams of agony,

As their bodies turn to ash.

The power,

I wield in my hands,

The absolute destruction,

I am capable of.

It is all by flames,

By the burning fury of God,

A potent force,

Just waiting to be unleashed.

The embers,

Of which I light,

Will never be put out.

Not by water or will.

So I say,

"Burn! Burn!"

And watch,

As their life fades.

I am not evil,

Nor misguided,

Simply vengeful,

Due to the injustice I've suffered.