So you sate your inadequacies

With excuses and those poems

And you pretend that tomorrow you will be better

But you are unstirring from your heart

And the stagnant puddle you call your life

It is your air, what once was bitter

Complacence takes hold and you watch

That view from the window forever the same

Sunsets and seasons blurring in the horizon

One more hour, another sleepless night

An unfinished day and muted uneasiness

Is this apathy the only thing you rely on?

"Life drains my enthusiasm away bit by bit"

You complain, and to refuse reality

You firmly repeat it like a charm

But you know, one heartbeat away

One step further from where you fell last

Will crash into your illusion of calm

Numb your conscience with art

Devour everyone else's talent

And take nothing but tears from their story

Leave truths to dent your steel fa├žade

Yet bury yourself in denial

Safe, shielded, in your delusional glory

Bleeding heart, battering in its cage

Its screams drowned under bloody veins

It's scary silent, your shell

You've locked down hard

Your defences caked with dreamland dirt

Too sturdy for reality to fell

Search like a madman for something

To ease the voice of discomfort

Try to bind it to a letter

And so you sate your inadequacies

With excuses and this poem

And swear that tomorrow you will be better.