Not too long ago in a town that you most likely haven't heard of, there was a group of friends. These friends were named Lexi (Lex), Kiersten, and Bri. Every month they would have a sleepover to catch up on how life in college was treating them. One of these sleepovers however didn't follow the normal routine. Here I will tell you what occurred during this strange day.

In this small town, one girl walked down a road. There was a brick wall, what it's original purpose was for, nobody knows. As the girl walked along it, she ran her hand over the rough dusty brickwork- until she reached a certain point. She leaned against the wall listening for the sound of sliding stone to stop. When she turned around the wall looked almost like it did before, except for the dusty white door and small sign plaque that proclaimed the door as the entrance into Le Olde Potion Shoppe.

"Well welcome home. Same as I remember it, Gran." The girl walked in. The door chimed in a way that was both twinkly like wind chimes but solid like church bells. On every wall was a shelf, each one held hundreds of bottles and vials in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors. She slipped behind the stacked counter and looked down at the counter as the shop bell rang.

In the potion shop, Lexi looked around. The light filtered through the dusty windows, glinting off of all the different jars and containers in the moderate room. There was a single light bulb in the middle that flickered on and off like it was going to die. Behind the counter stood a slightly rotund figure of a young woman. Her hair pulled into a simple ponytail and coursing down her back like a waterfall. Behind the slightly nervous woman was a shelf filled with even more vials of different elixirs. The corners of the room were hidden in shadow, but one small bottle glinted enticingly.

"What is that?" Lexi asked.

The girl running the shop looked over at her and replied, "Oh, that little thing? I'm not sure." She paused. "My grandma said that when her mother bought the shop, that it was still there. Do you want it?"

Lexi thought about it for a minute, "How much does it cost?"

"How much do you want it for?"

"I have $20."

"It's yours then!" The girl took the money that Lexi proffered and gave her the potion bottle. When Lexi left, the shop owner gave a faint whistle. A sleek black cat strolled out of the back room and hopped onto the desk. "I need you to keep an eye on that girl. Tell me what the potion does. Go. Now!"

The cat nodded, "I will, Master Rose." It jumped from shelf to shelf and escaped out an unnoticed window.

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