A small town, filled with dark allies and houses as it approached twilight. In one particular alley, there was a long, ancient brick wall. What it's original purpose was for, no one knows. In this large alley, holding a flashlight in one hand, the other hand caressing the rough brickwork, was a young lady. At one point down the wall, she stopped. Turned on the flashlight, and searched for something only she could see.

Apparently finding it, her hands made a complicated gesture, leaving a glow in the air that didn't have anything to do with the flashlight. The light spread out over the area that a door would cover, it grew in intensity. The light receded. The young lady stood until the purple splotches in her vision also faded.

In the place where the light was, there was now an older dusty white door. To the left of the door, a little above head height for an average person, was a spall sign plaque, proclaiming the door as the entrance to Le Olde Potion Shoppe.

"Well, welcome home I guess." The girl opened the old door with barely a creak and stepped inside. The door chimed in a way that was both twinkly like wind chimes, but solid like church bells. On every wall was a shelf, each one holding hundreds of bottles of all shapes and sizes. Some with old-time labels, a bit of string holding a piece of parchment to the necks of the bottles, others using a more modern sticker. The air in the room was odd. It smelled like an old library when the window was left open on a dry summers' night. The girl breathed in deeply, letting a smile form on her round face, eyes wrinkling behind her glasses. "Just like I remember it, Gran." She slipped behind the counter and flicked a switch, humming softly to herself as the lights turned on and she grabbed a cleaning rag.

After a few minutes, the shop bell rang. Another girl peeked around the door. "Hello?"

"Hi!" The cleaning girl looked up from her dusting, noting the other girl's straight blond hair, and blue denim jacket. "Um welcome to Le Olde Potion Shoppe! How may I help you?" Leah, the blue jacketed shopper, looked around the room. Twilight filtered through dusty windows, glinting off all the different jars and containers in the moderate room. There was a single lightbulb in the middle that flickered on and off like it was going to die. Behind the counter, holding a dust cloth was a slightly rotund figure, wavy brown hair pulled into a ponytail that coursed down her back like a waterfall. Behind the slightly nervous woman, who was now reaching towards it, was a shelf filled with even more vials of different elixirs. The corners of the room were hidden in shadow, untouched by the flickering light. A glint caught Leah's eye, calling her towards it.

"What is this?" Leah's footsteps were quieted by a once colorful area rug, worn down by time, as she stepped over to the source of the glint. Reaching into the shadow, Leah's hand came out with a vial about the size of her finger, with a cyan liquid sloshing around in it. There was no label that she could see.

The girl running the shop came over as well, "Oh, that little thing?" she looked at it as well, noting the swirling sparkle, and how it didn't look familiar, even to her potion trained eye. "I'm not sure." She paused, thinking about what her grandmother told her about the history of the shop. "I think my grandma said that when her mother bought the shop, it was still there." She looked up at Leah. "Do you want it?"

Leah thought for a minute, "How much does it cost?"

"How much do you want it for?"

"How about $10?"

"Well, this has been in my family for some time.." The shop runner drug out the word time, obviously thinking $10 was not enough for this odd little potion.

"How about $20?"

"Well, I guess I can part with it for that." The girl took the bill that Leah offered, and handed the potion bottle back. The door chimed it's farewell as Leah left, her footsteps quieting as she got further away. The shop owner gave a giant whistle. A sleek black cat strolled out of the backroom and hopped onto the counter. Without turning to look, the girl took a deep breath in, releasing it slowly. "I need you to keep an eye on that girl. Tell me what the potion does. Go. Now!"

The cat nodded, "I will, Master Lilly." It jumped from shelf to shelf, in empty spots left for just such an occasion, and escaped out an unnoticed window.

Author's note:

Thank you for reading! This is going to be a multi-part story! I recently re-wrote this chapter, and I much prefer this one to the previous one. Please leave a review or suggestions! Have a great day! 3