Chapter 1 - Prologue

A short, stocky, bald man sat behind multiple computer screens watching security footage that was sent directly to him. He adjusted his glasses and his mouth hung open in astonishment. On the screen was five different teenagers, all showing the abilities they possessed, but no one else was around to witness... thankfully.

On the first screen, a boy was running around a track when all of a sudden, he moved around at a super speed, appearing at one end of the track at the blink of an eye. The second screen showed a girl who was practicing cheers. As she was going to do one of the routines, a puff of smoke appeared in her place, and she appeared in the sky and fell on the ground.

The third screen showed another teenage boy, older than the first two. He was working out in an empty gym, swinging at a large punching bag. As he followed through with one of his hits, the punching bag was busted open and went flying across the room. Sand flew out everywhere and the boy dropped the gloves he wore, running away from the scene.

On the fourth screen was a boy who was younger than the first three, but was still a teenager. He was wearing football equipment and was on the practice field once everyone had left. He was throwing footballs down the field, and as he reeled back to throw one, his hands caught on fire. The ball did as well once he released it and soon, the boys whole body was engulfed in flames. It was clear he was yelling as he ran around the field and dropped on the ground, rolling around.

The last screen showed another teenage girl who was standing on a street corner. A car was pulled up next to her and the top of the car was down, showing other teenage girls pointing and laughing at the one standing on the street. Once the car began to drive away, the girl standing on the corner shot ice out of her hand, hitting the tire and causing the car to swerve. The girls in the car ended up okay and the girl on the corner seemed confused but smiled and walked away.

"How do they look?" a woman asked, walking into the security room. She wore camouflage and had badges decorating her shirt. "This was all we could find on them Dr. Reuben."

Dr. Reuben, the small, short, and stocky scientist looked up at the woman and smiled. "They are extraordinary. We need to make sure they come here Lieutenant Rhodes. Otherwise they'll freak out due to their abilities."

"We are doing our best Doctor. Just keep doing your research and find out why this is going on. We can't have anymore super freaks running around." Lieutenant Rhodes said.

"These teenagers are far from freaks. They're abilities make them Gods compared to the common man." Dr. Reuben said, adjusting his glasses.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Keep researching. I'll do what I can to bring them in so we can train them." Lieutenant Rhodes said, walking out of the room. Dr. Reuben went back to watching the footage of the teenagers, studying each one's abilities and writing them down on his clipboard.