Chapter 9 - A Choice is Made

A few days had gone by since the five had detention, and Javier was walking down the hall. He was a few steps behind Darnell and Michelle who were talking about an upcoming test in Professor Romero's class. Javier was staring at his feet while he walked, but all of a sudden he was grabbed and pulled into one of the rooms along the halls. Michelle and Darnell had continued to walk, eventually looking back and seeing that Javier was gone. They looked around the school as other students passed them by in the halls.

Javier looked up as a light turned on in the small closet he was pulled into. The janitor that had grabbed him locked the door and took off his hat. Javier instantly recognized him as Drew, Kayleigh's right-hand man.

"So kid, what's going on?" Drew asked.

"What? Why the hell did you grab me like that?" Javier asked, looking around the small broom closet.

"Lieutenant Rhodes needs updates about how you guys are progressing when it comes to helping us out." Drew said. "So, what are you thinking?"

"I haven't even really thought about it." Javier said, taking a seat on a small stool. Drew looked up at him and rubbed his forehead with his hand.

"We were hoping you all would progress." Drew sighed. "It shouldn't be a hard decision. Help your country kid."

"I'm only 15! I have to worry about tests and homework. And finding a girlfriend or a date to homecoming." Javier said, extending his arms as he slightly raised his voice. "Not wanting to help my country with my superpowers!"

"Look kid, I get it. Trust me I do. But this is bigger than that. I can't talk about why, but you need to trust me. It's bigger than you think." Drew said, putting his hands together almost as if he were begging. He slightly opened the door and looked out to see that it was nearly empty. Drew grabbed a hall pass and gave it to Javier. "Get going." he told him. Javier took the pass and left the broom closet, headed for class.

Mollie opened her locker and put some books inside of it, and then grabbed another set. She closed the locker and jumped slightly when she saw Danny leaning against the ones behind hers. He smirked at her and started walking next to her when she started walking away.

"Can I help you?" Mollie asked him.

"Not really. I just wanted to walk with you." Danny said, almost as if he was nervous.

"Why?" Mollie asked, giving him a side glance.

"You don't like Sophie. I don't like Johnny. They both think we're suffering. So let's show them we aren't." Danny said. Mollie felt her cheeks slightly grow hot as the two continued to walk. While walking down one of the many halls, they saw Johnny and Sophie standing against one of the lockers, kissing as the duo began to walk past them.

"Storm, you have that bitch as your new girl now? I guess it makes sense. You're both cowards." Johnny said, stepping away from Sophie. Danny balled up a fist but he felt someone else's hand on his. He looked over at Mollie who shook her head.

"It's okay Johnny, they're perfect together. They're both pathetic losers who…" Sophie began to say before Mollie turned around and tackled her to the ground. Danny was shocked as Mollie attempted to slap, punch, and claw at Sophie who tried to do the same. Other students gathered around as the catfight broke out and the two girls rolled around on the ground.

Acting quickly, Danny grabbed Mollie by her waist, pulling her off the now head-cheerleader. Mollie tried to kick and grab at Sophie, who was picked up by Johnny and the two tried to get at each other but couldn't fight the strength of either guy. Danny carried Mollie to the opposite end of the hall and set her down, keeping her against the wall.

"What was that?!" Danny asked, smiling a little.

"I hate that bitch." Mollie muttered as Johnny and Sophie disappeared around the corner. Danny smirked and went back for Mollie's books.

"Let's get you to class." Danny said, holding her books as they kept walking.

The end of the day had come around and Jade was standing by Cooper's locker. She was waiting for him to show up, but it dawned on her that she hadn't seen him all day. Jade pulled out her phone and tried to call him, but the call couldn't go through. She looked down at her phone and felt a slow feeling of panic begin to creep in. Jade texted Cooper, but messages popped up telling her the texts couldn't go through either. She bite her bottom lip nervously and saw Javier walking towards the doors with two of his friends.

"Javier!" Jade shouted, grabbing his attention. "Was Cooper in his class today?"

"Um, no. I don't remember seeing him." Javier said. Jade looked around and saw Danny and Mollie walking towards the doors as well. She hated having to talk to people that weren't Cooper, but she was worried.

"Have you two seen Cooper?" she asked them, walking right in front of them. The two of them stopped abruptly and looked at each other.

"No." Mollie said as Danny shook his head. Jade looked at her phone again, and her nervousness began to grow.

"Thanks." Jade muttered, leaving the school leaving the others confused by her actions.

That morning, Cooper was standing at the pier where he and Jade had been caught by Rhodes. His bag was on the bench the two had sat at and he was leaning on the railing that kept people from falling off the pier and into the ocean. He wore a black leather jacket with a grey hoodie on underneath it. His hood was up, and he had earbuds in. Cooper felt his phone vibrate from the pocket of his jeans but ignored it. He took a deep breath and exhaled, watching his breathe leave his mouth like a cloud in the cold weather.

"Hello Cooper." Rhodes said, standing behind the bench. Cooper turned his head slightly, taking one earbud out after hearing something.

"I got the note you left in my locker." Cooper said, turning off his music, but continuing to stare out at the water. Lieutenant Rhodes walked past the bench and stood side by side with Cooper, looking out at the ocean.

"I felt it was important we talk." she told him.

"Is this another attempt to have me help you?" Cooper asked, rubbing the rails and feeling the cool metal through his gloves.

"I don't think you'd be here if you were going to say no." Rhodes said with a smirk. "We've been following you, but I'm sure you assumed we would. That corner store robbery. You did a good job."

"I only did what anyone other decent person would do." Cooper said, sighing and watching his breath again.

"You are more than just a decent person. For some reason, you were gifted wonderful abilities. Cooper, you could have used your skills to rob a bank, or mug people. You could be the world's best thief right now. But you're not. You helped keep part of your home town safe, and that's all we want from you. To help keep everyone in the world safe." Rhodes said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Everyone in the world is a big step up from the little old lady behind the counter." Cooper said, looking at Kayleigh and shrugging her hand off.

"Clearly we'd give you baby steps through it all. Dr. Reuben, Drew, and I would help lead you the entire way. We'd be a team." she tried to persuade him.

"I… I think I'm ready to talk about the possibility." Cooper said. Rhodes was surprised as the high school student grabbed his bag and waited for her to take the lead.

"Follow me." Rhodes said with a huge smile, leading him to the van that would take them back to "the box".