Chapter One-Hailey's POV:

I bit into the freshly made garlic bread from the middle of the circular table I was sitting at. Alex, Potato, and Jackson sat with me. Jackson was drowning his bread in the olive oil and shoving the entire slice into his mouth. Potato was coloring the kids menu, and Alex was scanning the drinks menu. A lady with long red hair, walked up to us. "Hello, I'm Giorgia your waitress. Can I get you anything to drink?" she asked cheerfully. "I'll have a glass of merlot," I responded. Alex ordered an Aperol Sprit, and Potato asked for a chocolate milk. "And what can I get you, Sir?" our waitress asked Jackson. Jackson glanced back down at the drink menu. "Uh, what is the Bellini Alla Fragola?" he asked the redhead. "Oh, it's the owners special, it's made from scratch strawberry syrup, made into a Bellini with a two shots whiskey. It's very good." she explained. Jackson nodded and she walked off. I glanced down at the entree options. I looked at the front of the menu book. Balotelli's Pizza Pie and Pasta covered the black cover in gold letters. "Babe, what are you gonna get?" Alex asked me. "The parmersean di pollo, probably, it's my favorite." I responded as I closed the menu, and set it off to the side. Giorgia came back with our drinks, and set them down in front of us. The dim light from the candles made the drinks shine. "So, what can I get you all?" "I'll have the Lobster Ziti, and he'll have spheghetti and meatballs," Jackson said as he handed his menu to our waitress. Alex ordered a sausage pizza and I got my usual dish.

The food was delicious as always and worth the price. We had some cannoli for dessert, and talked until Alex got a phone call. "Hello?" he said into his phone. I looked at him as his smile dissapeared and was replaced with an annoyed frown. "Okay, I'll be there in an hour." Alex hung up the phone, and sighed. "What's wrong, babe?" I asked him. He looked up at me, "Someone robbed a gas station by the childrens home, they need backup." He said taking the cloth napkin off of his lap. "I'll drive Jackson and Potato home. You can do whatever you had to do afterwards." Jackson kissed me on the cheek and left his debit card on the table by me. I waved to the trio of boys walking out the heavy glass doors. I smiled and finished my glass of wine. I paid for dinner, and stood up to leave. I heard a soft clank on the marble floor. I glanced down to see my steak knife from dinner. I must've knocked it off the table. I bent down to pick it up. In my hand, I noticed a word engraved into the handle of the knife. I began to stand up to look at it in the light. I heard a quiet squishing noise just in front of me, and then a scream. I looked at my hand which was soaking in deep red blood. But it wasn't mine. The knife in my hand was also impaled in a mans abdomen. I began screaming. The other guests began screaming. I instinctly yanked the knife out of the man. I looked up to meet his face. He was a middle aged man with a scar on his cheeck. He was cleanly shaven, and would be attractive if he wasn't looking at me with fury. "I-I-I I'm so sorry, Sir. It was an accident. Here let me call an ambualnce." I said pulling my phone out of my pocket. He held his wound with one hand, and snatched my phone with the other. "Oh no, pretty lady, you're not calling anyone." he said. I began backing up. The two men behind him walked forwards. I scanned the resturant for anyone to help me, but everyone was long gone. "Please, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry. Please let me go?" One of the men pulled out a hunting knife, and the other sat the injured man down, and was inspecting his wounds. I tightly shut my eyes, as I waited for death. I heard a loud gunshot, and then another. I felt fine. I was in no physical pain. I heard footsteps walk towards me. I held me breath, not daring to open my eyes. The footsteps stopped in front of me. I could feel whoever it was staring intently at me. "This isn't peak-a-boo, open your goddamn eyes, lady." a female lady voice said. I slowly obliged. I saw a woman, who looked to be about my age. She wore a black sweater dress and boots. She had a silver crescent moon necklace which contasted with her clothing. Her short lavendar hair framed her face quite nicely. If it wasn't for the gun in her hand being pointed at me with a strong sense of confidence, I'd say she was adroable. I stared at her intently. The man who I had stabbed let out a hoarse laugh. "Oh Allice, hurry up with it, and shoot her already. Our business is more important. Wouldn't you say, Doll?" he teased her. The woman spun the gun in his direction and shot him with no hesistation. I jumped at the sound of the blow. I looked at her blankly. I guess I should thank her. "So, um thanks? Y'know for like saving my life, or y'know something…" I said trailing off. She rolled her eyes. "M'kay lady, whatever. Now let's go. The car is in the back." she said pulling a car key out of her pocket of her dress. Uh oh. "Um, actually miss-lady-woman, I got to go, so I'm going to have to take a raincheck on that. "So yeah, thanks again I guess." I said slowly backing away from her and to the door. She gave a deep sigh, and rolled her head to look into my eyes. 'Very well then, I see. On the bright side I get to test out my new toy." she said removing another object from her pocket. I didn't even look to see what it was, before I tried running for it.