Chapter Two-Hailey's POV:

My body felt stiff and sore. I went to brush a piece of hair out of my eyes, but felt my arms being restrained in a cool metal. My eyes shot open, the whole room was dark. Oh wait no, this is a blindfold. I began to panic. "Hello, is anyone there? Can somebody please help me?" I cried out. I felt someone rip off the blindfold. The same woman from the restaurant sat in a wooden chair in front of me. The woman who removed my blindfold stood by a table, and was removing her medical gloves and mask. I noticed the large collection of scalpels next to her. She had long black hair, and wore glasses. She turned to the lady in the chair. "She's fine, no injuries." she said pointing to me. The woman in the chair nodded and we exchanged glances. She gave a loud sigh. "Have they still not found her?" the lavender haired woman groaned as the other lady sat on her lap. Suddenly I heard the door open. A little shrunken old lady with grey hair waltzed in. "Ah Jade, you're here? Do you have any idea where she is, it's been like four hours." The dark hair woman said. "I see them. Their in the hallway. They're walking closer, closer, closer. They're here!" the old woman said. The darked haired woman helped the elderly woman named Jade into a recliner with blood splatters on it. Sure enough the door opened. A petite woman walked in, her box braids went to her shoulders. "Hey guys!" she said making two peace signs with her fingers. I heard a grunt. "A little help here, Tamera," a masculine voice said. "Oh yeah, sorry Big D." she said exiting the room. She came back holding a couple different types guns, and a duffel bag. Behind her followed a distressed looking man holding the wrist of another woman. She had deep red hair and was kinda short. "Wheeeeee!" she giggled. The woman and the man plopped her down on a couch across from me and sat on either side of her. The lavender haired woman spoke up, "Kira, this is the lady I was talking about." she said pointing to me. The woman sitting in the center of the couch squealed. "Oooh for me, Allice, you shouldn't have, baby." She pulled a tiny flask out from under the couch cushion. What are they talking about? "Um, hi yes, my names Hailey. Quick question, what does this have to do with me? I swear I won't say anything, if you just let me go," I begged. "No, Kira, that's your eight o'clock appointment. This is the woman who killed Giovanni," the woman on the left side of the couch said to the center woman. She took the flask out her mouth and looked at her in confusion. The left lady rolled her eyes. She pointed to me. "Woman used knife to kill Giovanni at our restaurant!" she said as if she was talking to a two year old. The center woman nodded. "Okay, okay, I see. Quick question, who is Giovanni?" she asked. The man on the couch spoke up. "Giovonni is the guy who blew up our warehouse with 25% of our money a year ago…...the same warehouse with all the chocolate milk." he explained. The center woman gasped. She looked at me intensely. "Good. He got what was coming to him. So now that I know what's going on, let's get down to business," she said as she got up from the couch. She began walking towards me. "So, Harold, you did say your name was Harold right?" she asked. "...It's Hailey …" I whispered. "Okay, i won't remember that, so let's move on. Who hired you to kill Giovanni? I suggest you be honest with me. I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you. Well actually yes I would, but I'm a busy woman so let's hurry this up." she said inching closer to me. "It was an accident, I swear!"I cried out. The woman looked at me and a smirk formed on her face. "Allice, hand me a tool." she commanded to the same girl who had been at the restaurant. "Which one?" she asked. "Surprise me." she said as the lavender haired woman handed her a cleaver. "Ah this will work well, you don't have thick skin, do you Harold?" she asked me while tapping the handle. I felt a tear roll down my face as I shook my head. "Now, I'm going to ask you one more time. Only one more time. Who hired you to kill Giovanni? And why at our restaurant?" she asked suddenly becoming much more serious. By now the tears were flowing down my face. I looked around the room for anyone who could help me. The two woman in the chair looked just as stern. The man and the woman on the couch couldn't have looked like they cared what happened to me any less. "I'm waiting," she teased in a mocking voice. "I don't know! It was an accident! I swear on my life. Can you please let me go, now?" I whimpered through my tears. The woman gave a deep sigh. "Ah, I see. Y'know I kinda liked you, Harold. Oh well…" she said wiping a single tear off of my face. She backed away a few inches and raised the cleaver above her head. I looked at my terrified reflection in the knife's shiny blade. I clutched my eyes shut at the sound of the blade swinging down towards me. I felt it graze the top of my skull. I opened my eyes. The woman wielding the the knife looked terrified. The blade rested gently on my head. She gasped. "Oh no no, this won't do…" she murmured. She turned to face the audience which was engrossed in what they were seeing. She cracked a smile which turned into a hysterical laugh. "This-this has a stain on it. It simply won't do. We'll have to reschedule your death for some other time, Doll." she said as she threw the cleaver out the window causing glass to fly everywhere upon impact. She threw herself back on the couch. She turned to the nurse lady. "Alexia, do we have any spare rooms?" she asked. The nurse nodded. "There's one on the sixth floor of building nine. It's pretty small though. It's only has four bedrooms…." she said as she shot a glance towards my direction. The main lady sighed. "I suppose it will do for the night." she said getting up from her seat on the couch. "Allice, Alexia, show Hailey to her room." she said as she headed to the door. Now she gets my name right. The man rose from the couch. "Kira, are you insane?" he asked her in a shocked tone. She nodded. "Someone hired her to kill Giovonni on our grounds and she may try to kill us too. You're seriously not gonna put her in the dungeon?" he yelled. "What type of hospitality would that be to our guest? Throwing her in the dungeon would give us bad reviews on Yelp!' the leading lady said. The woman with box braids stood up, "Kira, we don't have a Yelp page. But I guess the dungeons are a ways away." she turned to me, "So I suppose you can sleep in a room." she sneered. The three couch people left the room leaving the nurse and the lavender haired lady with me. They walked up to me and the nurse took off my restraints. "Hi, I'm Allice, I help run things here. A vice president if you will. And this is Alexia she's quite a talented nurse. She got kicked out of medical school so she never actually got her degree. But it doesn't matter. She once did a black market organ transplant with nothing but sewing thread, a needle, and a plastic knife. And she's an even better girlfriend!' she said as she took Alexia's hand. They looked at each other for a moment. "So let's show you to your room." Allice said as she opened the door.

Although the room I had been held captive in looked rundown, the rest of the building look brand new. Paintings hung on the hallway walls, and people dressed in business attire were everywhere. I glanced at the copy of the Mona Lisa painting by the exit. "Wow, that's a pretty good copy. It's gorgeous." I said in awe. Allice laughed, "I sure hope so, it's the real thing. Kira and Lucifer stole it on their honeymoon." she said nonchalantly. "Oh, is he the boss of this place?" I asked. The two women got silent. They shot a glance at me. "Y'know don't mention that to anyone. We don't really talk about him….but no, Kira is. She was the intoxicated one that was interrogating you. Also sorry about that, she's usually not that bad." Allice said to me quietly. We walked the rest of the way to our destination in silence. Eventually we came across a 718 cerulean blue porsche. "We're gonna have to drive there, get in the back seat. Oh, but on the left side, there's some bomb parts on the right seat." Allice said as she opened the passenger door for Alexia. Well that's fun, I guess. I thought as I got into the luxury car. Alexia hooked her phone up to the car and played some k-pop songs. "So, Hailey, what's your life like?" Alexia asked me. I shrugged. "Pretty normal I guess. I live with my three boyfriends and I write fanfiction in my spare time. At least I don't have to work. Alex is a cop, and Jackson is an ex NFL player so we don't ever have to worry about money. We play a board game every friday night. Tonight was our anniversary so we went out to Balotelli's. It's our favorite restaurant…." I trailed off. The car suddenly came to a halt. Allice turned around to face me, "It really was an accident, wasn't it?" Allice asked me in a sympathetic tone. I nodded, 'I didn't mean to do anything wrong. I don't even know who he was…" I remarked. "Well we're here. Allow me to get you settled in." she suggested. I looked out the window to see a something that resembled an expensive resort. It was surrounded by trees, and there was no road to get there. There we also no cars anywhere. I noticed Allice and Alexia starting at me through the window. "Hailey, are you coming?" Alexia asked me as I opened the car door. "What is this place?" I asked. "A secret, so don't tell anyone. We're not paying taxes on this place and we don't intend to. So don't tell your cop boyfriend." Allice remarked. We walked through the glass revolving doors. To my surprise the place was buzzing with traffic of a bunch of people. A little boy bumped into me. 'Sorry miss lady." he said before running off again. We walked to the front desk. An elderly man sat behind it filling out paperwork. Allice rang the bell, and he looked up. "Hi I'm Tod Romaine, what can I do for you?" he inquired cheerfully. "Our friend here needs a room, I believe there is one on the sixth floor. I would like the key." Allice requested. "Of course, Miss Stintson. Room thirteen." he handed me a key card. "Have a lovely stay!" he yelled cheerfully as we walked away.

Eventually we got onto the elevator and I pressed the floor six button. I began hearing a familiar sound. "Hey guys?" I asked in a hushed whisper. The two girls looked at me waiting for my question. "Is the "I Need a Hero" cover by the fairy godmother in Shrek 2 playing in here?" I asked in an embarrassed tone. "Yeah, why?" Alexia answered. "No reason…." I responded. "Oh by the way, we took your phone, so don't worry about that. If you need anything use the phone in the room. It can only call the front desk, but he can transfer you to me." Allice stated. The music finally stopped, and the elevator doors opened. We walked to the right and my hotel room was at the end of the hall. A gold plated number thirteen was on the smooth black door. "Well this is where we leave you, We'll be back to get you tomorrow. I'll try to talk to Kira and tell her to y'know… not kill you…" she assured me. They turned to walk away. "Wait!" I yelled. They turned around. "Yes?" Allice answered. "You're not worried about me leaving. I could escape easily. Allice's bright smile turned into a cold dead stare that pierced right through me. "Oh but Hailey, where would you go?" she replied with a sadistic grin. She suddenly went back to her cheery persona, "Toodles!" she waved. I waited for them to get onto the elevator. I turned back to hotel room door. She right, where would I go? I could be anywhere, really. I slid the card and opened the door. A living room was my first view of the room. It had a leather couch and multiple blankets and pillows. It was completed with a wood fireplace and a golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I look to my left to see a full kitchen which matched the gothic feel of the living room. I looked to the left of me to see another black door. I cracked it open slightly and peered in. It was pitch black. I felt for the light switch and flipped it. As the room became illuminated I noticed the same golden chandelier from the living room hanging in here. A king sized bed was in the center of the wall. The entire bed set was a deep black. The deep red silk curtains blocked all sunlight. I noticed that the dresser had a box on it. I opened it to see a pair of pajamas with simple toiletries in it. I walked into the connected bathroom and took a shower. The entire bathroom floor and counters were real marble and the sink faucets were crystal. Afterwards I slipped on the pajamas and threw myself on the surprisingly soft bed. I hoped that the boys weren't worried and I drifted off to sleep.