By Tech Rathgen

Exterior - Forest

Mahpeydo can be seen as she frolicks in a lake for the fiftieth time today. She just loves it. As she makes noises of excitement and splashes galore, her parents talk about her.

Teytuney: (Glances at Mahpeydo and then back at Mahtuney). Why did we call our wolf pup Mahpeydo again?

Mahtuney: We did call her Mahpeydo honey, because she loves to play in the water.

Teytuney: I know that, but does it fit her personality to any degree?

Mahpeydo's brother, Teypeyno, joins her in the pool. They continue to splash and laugh their hearts out.

Mahtuney: It fits perfectly to her personality if I'd say so myself. Remember we're the Meyushka clan and she has a ton of spirit in her heart.

Teytuney: Alright. I'm just making sure.

Teytuney exits into den.

Mahtuney: (raises her voice). Okay, kids, it's time to eat before bed. Chop, chop. That means you Mahpeydo and Teypeyno.

The wolf pups: We're coming.

Mahpeydo, Teypeyno, Mahpaynu, and Mahtu race over and suck on their mother's tits for sustenance. They drank the nourishing nectar of meat and bone enriching milk for their health with a vengeance. For wolf pups its the greatest thing in the world. And for the mother, it gives her a chance to bond with her pups.

After a few minutes, Mahtuney feels that the pups have their fill and release them from their trance.

Mahtuney: Okay, kids, time for bed.

While Mahpaynu and Mahtu and Mahtuney walk to the den, Mahpeydo and Teypeyno squabble for a little bit. Mahpeydo falls to the ground. Teypeyno walks toward Mahpeydo and walks in such a way that she is in between his legs. Their eyes meet.

Mahpeydo: (brushes her paw across Teypeyno's ear. She smiles). I love you brother.

Teypeyno: (licks her wet nose. He smiles). I love you too, Mahpeydo, for a sister.

Teypeyno jumps onto the grassland away from Mahpeydo.

Teypeyno: (jumps and runs). I'll race you to the den!

Mahpeydo turns her chest to face the grass and isn't too far behind.

Mahpeydo: (thinks). Hopefully my friends show up tonight. I just wish the packs the three aren't my rivals. The packs of Liakey and Muhdey aren't enemies before. In fact, the packs were in my mother's pack once. They were my … aunts and uncles. I just wish I did know why my aunts and uncles did have to leave our pack.

Mahpeydo walks inside the den to see what goes on. Nothing too much goes on. She decides to sleep just outside the den so her friends can save the trouble of to wake her inside. Just as she lies down to pretend like she sleeps, Mahtuney calls her.

Mahtuney: Come in here Mahpeydo, we don't want you to attract other predators to our location.

Mahpeydo enters the den and walks to her mother's side.

Mahpeydo: I'm here mom.

Mahtuney: Lie down next to me sweetie. I wanna know where you are.

Mahpeydo lies down next to her mother and cuddles against her. Mahtuney wraps her paw around her daughter's back and pulls her close.

Mahpeydo: (wonders). What are you up to mom?

The two whisper throughout.

Mahtuney: (closes her eyes and calms her voice so only her daughter can hear her). Well, honey, I just don't trust you.

Mahpeydo: Why not?

Mahtuney: It isn't because I don't trust you honey, it's just that you're full of mischief at night. I just wish I did know what you did at night.

Mahpeydo: It won't happen tonight mom. I'll just stay by your side.

Mahtuney: The whole night?

Mahpeydo: (closes her eyes). The whole night.

The two of them fall asleep.

A few hours later … a wolf pup brushes their paw across Mahpeydo's ear and licks her muzzle.

After the routine continues for about a minute, Mahpeydo opens her eyes and feels afraid. She didn't move from her mother's side, not even an inch.

The characters whisper.

Mahpeydo: Tell me who you are or I'll alert my pack.

Teyoot: Don't worry Mahpeydo.

Mahpeywi: It's us.

Teydeydo: Yeah, us.

Mahpeydo: What are you guys and gal doing here? I did promise my mom I'd stay put tonight. Besides, I have to sleep in the daytime because of you guys and gal. Even then, my family won't let me sleep. Let's meet some other time.

Teyoot: (pulls on Mahpeydo's tail). Come on Mahpeydo, we'll just play for a little bit. Perhaps tag?

Mahpeydo: (keeps herself from a yelp). Fine. I'll try to get out of my mother's grasp. But I'll tell you right now, you better not return for another week or I'll scream from lack of sleep! (She growls). Let go.

Teyoot: (releases Mahpeydo's tail). Alright. Just try to get out.

Mahpeydo tries to lift her hind paws up and scoot her body out, but Mahtuney pulls her daughter back to her original spot. Mahtuney still sleeps, but it seems like she knows her daughter tries to get out of the den.

Mahtuney: (yawns in her sleep). Don't even think about it Mahpeydo. Ask your friends to leave now or I'll alert the pack for you. You can play with your friends some other time, for right now you need your beauty sleep.

Mahpeydo: I'll see you guys and gal some other time. Goodnight.

Teyoot, Mahpeywi and Teydeydo exit the den and return to their rightful packs. The boys go to two different packs. Teydeydo returns to Muhdey, while Teyoot and Mahpeywi return to Liakey.

Mahpeydo: I love you mom.

Mahpeydo falls asleep with her mother's paw that wraps itself around her.

-End of scene one: Why they call her Mahpeydo.