Scene 7 – Tormenting Teydeydo

The wolf pups surrounded Teydeydo and growled at him menacingly. It's in wolf nature to harm and torment the weakling in the wolf pack. The lowest rank gets the short end of the stick. The rule known as survival of the fittest still rings true for any animal or wolf.

Teydeydo: What's going on here? What did I do wrong?

Mahpeywi: You need to know your place among the flock of soaring wings. You must fly into our wings or suffer the consequences.

Teypeyno: In other words, if you don't submit to our authority we'll rip you to shreds. Its called the survival of the fittest and you don't fit that bill.

Teydeydo: Why should I worry too much? As soon as I'm gone and off this earth, one of you will take my place as the low ranking officer. (laughs darkly). There's nothing you can do to change that. It's the way of the wolf.

Mahpaynu: You pushed it too far Teydeydo. You deserve what's coming to you.

Mahtu: I hope you fall into a grave stone Teydeydo. You're too much of a bad influence, so take a hke or face the consequences.

Teypaynu: I love you Mahpaynu. However, Teydeydo you're a lying schemer.

Teyoot: I'll bear your soul into the darkness in which you belong Teydeydo.

Mahliki: I'll light the way into my belly.

Mahdeypa: Swim underwater and never resurface.

Teydeydo: You're all so foolish.

Mahdeyfey: Its you who's foolish you who turns fellow wolves against their friendship. Shame on you.

Mahdeyvey: I agree Mahdeyfey. Teydeydo deserves to be destroyed for all the crimes he had committed against our wolf pack.

Teydeydo: You honestly think that I'll believe all this? You must be kidding me.

Mahpeydo: For the pack to survive and for you to stop trying to turn my friends' friendship against me, you'll take the fall. You're too much of a burden and a disgrace to this wolf pack Teydeydo. So, now; let the fun begin.

The wolf pack nipped and bite Teydeydo for the sake of being submissive. Teydeydo keeps his ground.

Teydeydo: As soon as I'm gone and off this earth, you'll be sorry. I'll haunt your mind Mahpeydo. There's nothing you can do to stop me.

Mahpeydo: Let's finish him!

The wolf pups consume and devour Teydeydo. The wolf pups play with the bones of the consumed wolf.

Mahpeydo: His bad influence is gone.

Scene 8 – Hunting Enormous Moose

The wolf pack smell a moose nearby.

Teytuney: Alright everyone. You know the drill.

The wolves lick noses and it prompts each wolf to walk in single file. For six miles, the wolves walked and rested on their route to the moose. Their bellies rumbled and their mouths watered.

Mahpeydo: I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of the parents. Then we'll finish off the calves.

Teypeyno: I agree. I can't wait. I'm starving.

The wolves find the moose and the moose doesn't run at the sight of the wolves. The moose keeps her ground and warns the wolves to stay away.

As the moose kept her eyes on the three wolves that are threatening to go for the moose' neck, the other wolves surround her on all sides.

Each wolf took a huge chunk of meat from the moose. The moose flees at a very slow pace. The wolves merely follow her at a steady walk.

The moose finally falls from the loss of blood and the wolves devour her.

The wolves enjoy the meal and howl to reunite the pack.

Scene 9 – Tormenting Mahpeydo

Mahpeydo sits down and ponders over what has happened so far and she's clearly excited. The forest and the calming breeze soothes her and takes her breath away.

Mahpeydo: (smiles). I love this so much. It makes me feel so alive. I hear something in my head though.

Teydeydo: (laughs evilly). Hey there, do you remember me by any chance? I told you I'd come back to ruin your life. You're the reason I'm dead you bitch. However, I won't let you get off so easily. Sooner or later, the house has to fall down.

Mahpeydo: What are you talking about? All I did was let the other wolves see you for the traitor that you are and of course you were defiled by a pack leader. I wasn't there to see it. I was too busy with Teypeyno. However, the other pack members did tell me about why you were defiled and I thought it was a good reason to turn them against you for nearly losing my friendship with Teypeyno. Nothing you do now will ever have a hold on my life.

Teydeydo: You don't know what you're doing whatsoever. I was the one that called you my friend and you betrayed me like this. You deserve to die off and I'll make sure that you do. Nothing will stand in my way. Soon, the tables will turn.

Mahpeydo: I've heard this before. You're just gonna cry to your mom and that's all you'll ever do. There's nothing you can do to me when you're dead, so head toward the afterlife go to the hellhole you dug for yourself. No matter where you are, I pray for you.

Teydeydo: You can't ignore me like this. I'm an all powerful being!

Mahpeydo: I pray that you'll come alive again just for the sake of eating you again. I pray that you get chased away by ghosts. I pray that you never bother me again. Just know this: no matter where you are – I pray for you.

Teydeydo: Stop. I don't wanna hear it. This is too much.

Mahpeydo: If this is too much, why don't you leave and never come back again? Just stay in that hellhole you dug for yourself. No matter where you are, I pray for you.

Teydeydo: No. You can't thrawt me. This isn't the end. (He begins to fade). No. You can't win this war. You won't ever survive without me. I claim you.

Mahpeydo: You were never a friend of mine. You were always a back stabber. You had to die. Now leave my thoughts or I'll claim your voice and I'll make you do things you'd never think of doing in my dreams. Leave now and never come back!

Silence. Teydeydo is gone for good.

Scene 10 – Wolf pups become twenty-two months old.

Mahpeydo and Teypeyno, as promised, leave the pack and create a pack of their own. It doesn't take long nor does it take a lot of will power. Mahpeydo and Teypeyno mate for life and create beautiful wolf pups.

End of Story