When I look at myself in the mirror,

A Demon has taken my place.

It rises in my throat to roar its hatred

And I am powerless to stop it.

The demon in me devours souls,

Consumes happiness, and eats light,

Until nothing remains but a shell of

What was once there.

He hungers for life, thirsts for destruction, and

I scream for him to leave me,

But he is having too much fun.

I face him in the absence of light.

He is stronger than me, but I am determined.

A light shines on the horizon as we stare each other down.

He shrivels in the morning sun, screaming, trying

To stay alive! I do not yield!

I do not succumb to His tempting darkness

I have let rule me so long.

The sun is rising,

He is dying.

I am Free.