If you knew...

Would it overwhelm you if you knew?

Today I literally climbed I mountain for you.

And I'll do it again, to see that smile,

to drown in your eyes as I pass each mile.

Would you think less of me, if you knew?

I am a coward. And I will never tell you.

I'm grateful for the tiny, ephemeral things:

your voice is the gentle touch on guitar strings.

And when you speak, oh, my heart sings;

love can make fools out of mighty kings.

So, I take no risks - too high are the stakes;

I prefer little than nothing, to make no mistakes.

You know, from every card-game we played,

I am no gambler, my decisions are weighed.

Or perhaps, more truly, I am afraid,

too lose even these crumbs, if the wrong card is laid.

I wish I could tell you, all that I feel,

but my tongue is tied, on my lips there's a seal.

If you knew everything, from beginning to end,

would you no longer be even my friend?

Are we even that? Do you even care?

Is this image real, or mere lens flare?

You are the Dawn, the flash of light on dewdrops...

I'm just a poet, hollow wind in the treetops...