Roark's eyes shot open, adrenaline flowing through his body as the sound of fighting wolves circled around him like vultures. His breathing blew tiny clouds in the air as he observed the familiar battleground.

At first, the young Alpha had enjoyed waking up in this struggle, he felt as if nothing could hurt him, but as reality slowly crept up to him and the cold began to seep into his bones, fear spread across his body and he broke into a sprint.

"Why am I cold? This is a dream, why do I feel like I'm freezing?" Roark said, panting as dodged and leaped over clashing bundles of fur and fangs.

The battle raged on as the black wolf tried desperately to flee from the nightmare, but it seemed to run on forever as no matter how far he ran he could not escape the shrieks of battle.

Until it stopped, Roark paused and looked around, confusion filling his head as he felt the cold leaving his body. The fighting continued but he couldn't hear a sound, only the heavy, raspy breathing of a wolf, but it wasn't his own. His steely gazed scanned the terrain, looking for any signs of a wolf stopping to breathe but none of the combatants showed any signs of stopping, some even dropping to the ground from exhaustion.

Roark tried to look beyond his stretch of the field, but soon the walls of fur began closing in on him once more, they smashed together in a chaotic cluster,and all he could do was lash out at whatever was in front of him, he couldn't tell friend from foe, there were no scents, no faces he could recall or make out.

All until he was thrown out by a sudden force, tossing him into an empty circle, an air of familiarity with him. "Here it comes again," He sprung to his feet shaking the snow from his pelt, expecting to come face to face with his imaginary foe, but he wasn't there. "Something isn't right, where are they?" Roark wondered.

He paced around the clearing, his eyes darting wildly as he searched for the blond wolf, but to no avail, confused he began to turn back towards the battle. "Maybe it isn't time yet, perhaps I need to fight a little more." Roark thought, trying to make sense of what was happening.

Roark prepared to throw himself back into the chaos, when the hoarse breathing started again, louder than before and more uncontrolled, as if some wolf were losing control of their own body, it sent a chill along Roark's spine as he felt a presence suddenly enter as if it had been there the entire time.

He quickly turned around baring his fangs to counter what waited for him, but he found his guard slipping as he bore witness to what was in front of him.

A sense of dread hovered over him as he looked at the ragged blond wolf, yet it did not move, it only stared back at him with bloodshot eyes, Roark saw the scars matting their messy blond pelt, the blood clinging to matted fur like tree sap.

"What are all those wounds and blood scattered across his fur, why does he look so sickly?" Roark wondered as the wolf continued to breathe heavily. He waited for the sickly lupine to make the first move but its blank pupils didn't seem to even notice the shadowy wolf. Anger boiled inside Roark's veins as he tried to make sense of what was taking place.

"This isn't right, why isn't it attacking. It always engaged first, why is this happening?" He growled as he took a step closer towards the blond wolf.

"Face me!"

The blond wolf planted its feet in the ground and let out a savage, jarring howl as it burst forward with incredible speed, it was in an instant, the sickly wolf was on him, he reared in shock as it had quickly closed to the gap between the two, slamming his paws down onto the back of the blond attacker.

Yet it seemed to shrug off the blow and rammed their body into Roark's chest sending him falling to the ground as he was pounced on quickly. Roark desperately clawed at the wolf, despite not being able to feel the pain, he knew he was losing as clumps of black fur were torn from his body.

"I know what I have to do, I just need to move my paw a little closer." Roark thought as he held back the snapping fangs of the savage beast. He carefully moved upwards until he felt his paws grasping at the jugular of his enemy. With a quick yet powerful tug, he sent the wolf to the ground as he had done many times, but this time he did not get up.

Roark breathed a sigh of relief as looked at the blond wolf covered in a small pool of blood, he panted softly as he gazed into its dull eyes. "What happened to you?" he wondered.

But this was no longer a time for answerless questions, the wind began to pick up again, and the sky grew darker as the howling grew louder, mimicking the broken screech of the fallen wolf before him. Roark's ears perked up at the sound of whispers, his head turning at the sound.

For a brief moment, Roark could make out the two silhouettes off in the distance, scouring the field as they looked for something or some wolf. The wolves that fought around them seemed not to affect them as they simply walked through them with no problems once so ever.

Roark could barely make out the color of their pelts, the black and brown mixing, making it hard to distinguish between the two as they trudged through the snow.

He tried to move, but his feet were planted firmly into the ground, he knew the dream was coming to an end but he had to know, he had to find out who they were.

Desperately he called out to them "I'm here, I'm the one you are looking for!" he cried, they turned their heads at his call but before they could see him a flash of blond fur bolted up from the ground, catching its teeth in the black wolf's throat, Roark howled in pain as he fell to the ground, his vision slowly fading into nothingness.