She remembered
Hazily of how often they planned
To get together

And how those plans never came to be

Yet, here they were
Seeing each other
Again for the

First and last time

They were near the end
Her friend especially was
His hourglass was lower

Than hers.

For a moment
Their youth returned
But, just as it returned, it faded

Returning them to
Being aged, gray, with arthritis and poor eyesight
The hazy memory to match

Yet, within, they hadn't changed.

They couldn't do much
Much of the same things they did
Years ago

She hazily remembered
How they planned to get together
Yet, those plans never came to be

But here they were
In the fleeting final throes of their lives
Snatching up the memories

Before they were gone in the haze

They chatted
As though they had all the time
In the world

Ending the chat with lament
Lament that so many years have passed
And how they finally got together

For a bit of fun

When both of their hourglasses
Were running out

"So we meet again."