Some love affairs are fast, short-lived, and end in complete disaster. In such cases, we can't always be sure whether we're falling or flying, or even if the two are really that separate.

Please do not repost or share without giving credit. This is my work alone, for whatever that's worth.

Falling and Flying

I've never fallen so fast before.
I fall like a rock dropped from a tall cliff
Into the briny ocean below.
Can rocks swim?
Am I an eagle,
Leaping from the summit
Of a tree of incredible height,
Only to soar away unscathed?

You my opposite…
You my equal…
What am I?
You're falling just as fast as I -
What are we?

Are we mere stones,
Plummeting to the foaming waves,
Only to sink to sad decay
Among the coral beds?
Are we eagles,
Soaring along on waves of wind,
Racing time and tide,
Thrilled by the rise and fall?

I want to remember this…
I live for these moments in air
Spiraling ever downward
With no known destination in mind.
Will we last?
Will we live?
Will we continue to love
As we do now?

I wish I knew…
Yet I'm glad I don't.
I want to cherish this moment with you at my side,
Your eyes full of laughter and your heart full of joy.

Listen, my love! - the eagles call -
The ground is speeding our way.