It was a total surprise when I got the news. I never thought that Felix would actually go ahead and disband the Gold Coin Club. He threatened to do it a couple of times when there was a fight. Thank goodness I was able to find him to see what happened.

"Felix, why disband? What happened?" I asked. The tall, strong figure with gold hair that was my former teammate and leader turned to me with a confused look on his face. He eventually realized what I was talking about.

"It was just time. I'm growing up kiddo. I mightn't even play this game anymore." He explained. I gave him an angered look and logged off the video chat. Felix and I had been best friends since I joined this game two years ago. We even met up in England when he took a trip over last year. I couldn't handle the anger. I ran away from him, trying not to think about the group disbanding. I ran over to the group recruitment board. Groups disappeared quickly but then I noticed it, the Crimson League. A name I had never heard of before. The blood red crest with a sword in the center caught my attention. Nobody else was going for the place so I grabbed it and was teleported to the front of the group hall. I met with the two group options. I pressed the call button which sent a call to the leader of the group. The group leader quickly accepted my call request and looked at my avatar. There was a few moments of silence.

"Oh, sorry kiddo but we ain't interested in anything you're selling." They finally spoke. I got nervous and started sweating. Were they really like this?

"Actually I'm a new member. My name's Blake Dunstan." I explained. The leader held up a finger and there was more silence. The street around me was dead quiet and the leader wasn't helping. Suddenly, a girl appeared behind me. She was a forest elf. Her figure was fragile and her skin was green with freckles on her cheeks and nose. She noticed me, surprised.

"Oh, are you a new member?" she asked. I nodded my head. She opened the door to the hall and let me come in. Suddenly, I heard the leader yelling from the upper level.


"Sorry Phoenix." The forest elf replied, shaking with fear as she led me up the stairs and into the leader's room. I was beginning to understand why nobody took the position. There stood a bulky figure with pale blue hair and light purple eyes. I was intimidated but also curious.

"Uh just a question, and forgive me if this sounds rude, but are you a guy or a girl?" I asked. The forest elf elbowed me in the rib while the leader gave me a look as if I had just murdered their dog something. The intimidated feeling that I was feeling grew as the silence entered the room and lingered for a minute. The leader eventually spoke again.

"None of your business. You have a month to prove yourself worthy of being in this association or else you'll be kicked out. You'll be on Fleur's team. Also Fleur, please, turn off new entries. I don't want anymore members." The leader said. I nodded. The leader turned around and the forest elf led me out of the room. The forest elf smiled at me.

"So um I'm Fleur...Fleur Fiorella. I'm a forest elf and the co owner of this association. What about you?" the forest elf girl. She seemed very pleased to meet me. It was a relief after what I had just gone through with the leader. Fleur had pulled out the co owner checkboard and was fixing something on it. She put it away and smiled at me again, obviously waiting for me to speak.

"The name's Blake Dunstan. I'm a blood sucker, which when I first registered I thought sounded like a mosquito. I heard forest elves are pretty cool. I fought against a couple of them in the past." I explained. Fleur kept smiling and walked me into her team room. There was a short cat soul in there. She had one blue eye and one green eye along with her ginger cat ears and tail. Her blonde hair was tied up in two thick pigtails. She give me one of those "w" shaped smiles.

"Heyo. I'm Ariel Cat. Who's this?" she said in a cheerful and high-pitched voice. I introduced myself and sat down next to her on the pink, purple and green couch. Fleur pulled down a screen, dimmed the lights and started to play a presentation.

"An anonymous user has been terrorizing the Sunny Courts region. We have been summoned to defeat him. He's a luck flipper and he's abusing his power to level up easier through bad luck coin bombs. There are thirteen groups in the region and he destroyed three of them today...sorry make that four now. Tomorrow, we must set out to defeat him. I looked at all our profiles and we're all from the European region so we should meet back here when it's ten o'clock in the morning over there in England. Once we hit ten, we're moving so you better not be late. See you guys tomorrow." She explained before logging off. It was just in time. My mom called me for dinner and I logged off.

I logged in around nine o'clock the next morning. I was the only one there so I walked to the rooftop. I looked around at the Rouge Hills region and realized how beautiful the countryside-like region was. I stared at it, not realizing the time until I heard Ariel yelling at me from below.

"Hurry up Blake or we'll leave you behind." Ariel cheered as she and Fleur began to slowly walk towards the train station. I hurried down from the roof and ran after the two girls.