Spiritual Mind treatment for myself.

All there is is Love, the One Mind, continuously creating and expressing in, through, and as, everyone and everything in the Universe. Flowing in the One Mind is Love, Perfect Health, Wisdom, Trust, Creation, Expression, Confidence, Knowlege, Abundance and Gratitude. I Am in, and of, this Love expressing, and release all residual pain, hurt, resentment, fear and anger from the past or present residing in my consciousness, they are merely false ideas and needless attachments like a dark veil covering Beauty. I acknowledge and ultimately cast off all negative feelings, ideas and actions. All my cells, molecules, atoms and physical abnormalities that do not express the Perfection of the One Mind are now disconnected from my consciousness. I am everything that is Perfection and Love. It flows in my body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony and communication. All that remains in and of me is Pure Love that does not recognize or acknowledge anything but It's Perfect Self, to which I belong. I live my life freely and shamelessly, expressing my gifts, with no pain, disease, blockages or obstacles to stop my moving forward in complete physical, spiritual and mental Health and Strength and to share my understanding of the One Mind. I am fully confident and know this to be true as it was, is now, and always shall be. I release this knowledge to the Universe and the One Mind with overwhelming Gratitude and confidence and declare it to be so! AND SO IT IS!