Like people say
Sometimes an end is a new beginning
Yet the pain need times to heal
Since some ends
Or should I say most ends
Don't exactly scream new beginning at first.

At first comes the resentment
For letting yourself put up with them for year
Or maybe they just gave up on you instead
So you feel miserable for it.

You keep playing out the final words said
Or maybe nothing was spoken
They just left and never said one word ever again
While you sat there pondering what happen.

Maybe it was you that had the final words or left
Since you finally got to your limit
Thinking whats the point of being drain from someone
Who hasn't put much time in you yourself?
Or just kept too much to themselves?

Sometimes end is not what you want
But you get misguided into thinking it
Thinking someones best without you
As the depression hits the heart
Of all the terrible things you done
That you forget all the good things you done.

No matter what way it ended
You always have some sort of pain
Even if relief comes with it
Since it could be pain just from wasting time
Pain from them hurting you themselves
That you can finally breathe from\
And can finally take some time to get over.

Or maybe it was you that did things
And that person gave up on you
Making you feel bitter
Making you feel that no one cares
That you need to put more walls up
Need to just use people
Instead of getting emotionally attach.

End can be the best thing ever
With a fresh start as time passes
With people who actually care.
Or it can be the worst thing ever
That will plague you for the rest of your life
Since you might just need to reevaluate yourself
Before you let it consume you
Making yourself fade into darkness
Instead of letting light in.