Aiyo I know what it's like to have a deadbeat dad, check it


It just makes me mad

when I think of deadbeat dads

It's just so sad

So many kids get it bad

These lowlifes just hit it and leave

Leavin the women to grieve

Men can go whenever they please

Cuz deadbeats don't have life growin

Inside and the women cry cuz they're knowin

That their child's dad don't want him or care about him

So they live life with out him

I know the struggle see cuz this crap happened to me

I only seen my dad a few times in my childhood and never since but you know what it's all good

I use to wish as hard as I could

That my dad would visit me but he never would

But I'm grown now so it's too late pops

Your chance ended when my balls dropped

So many kids wish their dads were in their lives

They just don't understand why

You can see it in a child's eyes

There's nothin said

But you can guess what thoughts are in their heads, "daddy do you love me or do you wish I wasn't born instead? Daddy my favorite color's red and I learned how to spread butter on bread. Daddy are you still there? Daddy? Daddy!"

But sadly, these deadbeats just don't care even if it affects their child badly

Yo I wonder if bein a deadbeat is genetic

Cuz kids without dads wind up doin the same

I guess it's just the name of the game

But nevertheless, if I become a dad I'd be so glad and try my best

To be in my child's life even if his mom and I are no longer husband and wife

I won't run away and cause my child strife

I would man up and stand up

To my responsibility as a father and raise my son or daughter.

I would never do what my dad did

I would be glad to be a dad and be with my kid.

Outtro: Yo I'm out