Verse 1:

Daniel was an alcoholic

Would cause him to frolic

But his addiction was so, yo I don't even know what to call it, his family and friends would try to help him but he would just try and stall it

Daniel would pretend he was sober it's clear he's fakin cuz his hands be shakin then there's no mistakin, that Daniel is a drunk it turns him into a punk his breath is so bad, it's worse than a skunk

Verse 2:

Let's travel back in time

To when Daniel was in control of his mind, to before his alcoholism started and made him act retarded, he was hangin out with the wrong people, a bad influence and yo they were quite lethal to his conscience and to himself, saw his friends drinkin and couldn't stand the idea that someone can out do himself so yo he gets a beer and takes a sip then another sip and then another sip and before he knew it he was in its grip

Verse 3:

Daniel couldn't stop

He needed his beer at any cost

His moral code has long been lost

Daniel was willin to steal from anyone he came across even his good friend Ross cuz Daniel needed it bad and if he didn't get it yo it would drive him mad a few years down the line and he was still the same ole drunk lad and what's really sad is now Daniel's a dad

The thought of his offspring followin his path was the last string for Daniel so he looks for help and gives them a ring

Whether or not Daniel gets help remains to be seen will he be redeemed or will he fall back to the same pattern, know what I mean? It his chance to get himself clean cause the alcohol is killin him startin with his spleen, he's poisonin himself and his daughter means more to him than alcohol or wealth he knows the alcohol is affectin his health, seein his daughter's eyes makes his heart melt and thinks about how his baby girl must've felt when her dad got drunken mad and got out the belt and his girl screams so loud that out came the cops and that's when Daniel realized his drinkin needs to stop.