One sunny day a curious fairy found what appeared to be a vampire sitting under an umbrella at the beach. This vampire had short messy black locks, large black bat wings, grey skin, and was clad in a cute one-piece swimsuit that was also black. So much black, yet that was no surprise for a creature of the night.

What the buttercups?!

This little fairy thought that maybe she could teach this vampire about her own species. Well, she just hoped this vampire would not wind up casting a spell on this fairy to bring on a band of yucky leeches.

"It's a well-known fact that vampires don't like the sun; why are you out here in broad daylight?"

"I love the blue sky and sea, that is why I'm here enjoying this hot summers day."

"Will you be sitting here all day till night?"

"Why not? I don't want this sun to give me an unfortunate blight."

"Oh," the fairy paused for a second. "I am called Buttercup. What is your name?" Buttercup asked, so intrigued by this vampire at last.

"My name is Claudia," the vampire smiled while she removed her sunglasses, now taking a good look at the blonde fairy. "I see that you're a garden girl. That green dress suits you, too." Claudia winked.

"Garden girl? What's that?"

"A fairy, stupid," Claudia quipped with a tease.

"Stupid?! Someone needs to put you on a leash!" Buttercup blustered as she placed her hands on her hips. She thought this vampire was so cheeky, and surprisingly enough not all the more freaky.

Unfortunately, Buttercup's loud high-pitched voice encouraged a child to find her and even snatch her from the beach. The fairy had now been kidnapped!

"What the buttercups?!" Claudia shrieked as she then zipped up into a nearby palm tree. From the palm leaves, the bat watched in shock, seeing the fairy get thrown into a small rucksack. "Oh, my goddesses! I need to follow this kid," Claudia believed.

Quietly, the bat girl found a seat at the back of the child's parents car, albeit hiding down on the car floor beneath the driver's seat. Nobody could see a tiny bat girl, Claudia hoped.

"Fairy, fairy! So much green fairy dust!"

The child pulled the fairy out of his backpack, proceeding to shake the sprite about.

"What a trout!" Claudia observed, completely jaw-dropped at the horrible sight.

"Is that a doll you found, Harry?" Harry's mother asked from the driver's seat.

"No, it's a living fairy!" Harry beamed widely from ear-to-ear. "Harry loves fairy!"

"It's annoying when people leave their rubbish on the beach; Harry is always picking stuff up." Harry's father commented, shaking his head in frustration.

"I know," the mother nodded as she kept her eye on the road before her.

"Rubbish?!" Claudia caught.

Buttercup, however, appeared to be far too dizzy to even understand.

The moment the day entered the nightfall, Claudia started her search in the child's bedroom once and for all. It will always be a mystery where Claudia kept herself hidden, she did not want to become the next doll for this chicken.

Toybox? No!

Curtain? No!

Accidentally, Claudia managed to tumble a few books off the bookshelf. Thank the stars that the child never woke up due to the sound.

Bookshelf? No!

Although, an odd green sparkling caught Claudia's gaze down by the nightstand cupboard.

"Buttercup!" Claudia opened up the cupboard door, finding a clumsy fairy now stumbling out onto the floor. "Buttercup!" Claudia went over to the dizzy fairy and shook her back and forth.

"How much shaking?!" Buttercup hissed, giving the vampire a smack around the face. "I bet your mother was a glow-bug!"

"Let's just go, Buttercup. Without me, you would still be here in this rodent's chamber."

"There's an open window up there," Buttercup pointed. "I'm thinking that we can climb the curtain."

"We can just fly up there, though!"

How dense can this fairy get? Claudia thought with an eye-roll.

"But my wings feel funny," Buttercup frowned.

"Oh, whatever."

Such a pain in the wings - no pun intended! Claudia grabbed Buttercup's hand and felt strong enough to pick this sugar lump up.

"Oh, Claudia. I can't believe you're saving my life." Buttercup blushed a deep reddish colour over her features. "Thank you!"

"We aren't even at the window yet!" Claudia was sweating with this fairy in her arms, just letting her bat wings feel sore already. Claudia considered Buttercup to be a great big gooseberry.

Well, they soon arrived at the open window...