Believe or not, one of my favorite drabbles from 'The Trope Chronicles' series.

If you are against violence towards women, please turn back now. There's no need to see what you don't like.


She was thrown in without a word. The woman turned to her right.

There, a black-haired young man with brown eyes stood, arms crossed over his chest and a foot sitting on the wall. Calvin's head was tilted to the right, eyes narrowed, like a silent, yet dangerous animal. The woman's eyes gleamed with a certain light, as Calvin inched to her, "I always see women as lovely, yet powerful creatures, but I have to punish you; anyone who dares hurt my boss does not see the light of day."

The woman was backing away, very unnerved as to what might happen; Calvin pulled out a nightstick from his back pants pocket.

Oh no. She turned both ways, not sure of what to do since all her weapons were confiscated from her. She gazed at Calvin one last time before—


Blood-and a high-pitched scream, which radiated all the way through the room windows. Calvin violently smacked on her face again, more screaming emitting from her.

Calvin cringed morosely—he hated the sounds of screaming women. Two very long gashes were on the woman's face, blood seeping from them as well as from her mouth. She gazed at Calvin, a certain glaze in her eyes, like a weeping child. Calvin shook his head, tutting under his teeth at her.

"In this world, there are no Ladies and Gentlemen," he vehemently spun to her, landing one last harsh blow to her neck. Gone.