Be Careful What You Wish For

Chapter One – The Wish

It was half past midnight, and I was still awake. I know it's a school night, and I need to sleep, but I've been unsuccessful for the past hour. Too much is on my mind for me to even think of actually falling asleep, but that's not going stop me from making an attempt. Friday or not, I still am going to need some energy to make it through school tomorrow, and three hours definitely isn't going to be enough.

Usually I have my girlfriend, Kate, to keep me company at this late hour, but she fell asleep hours ago. This is probably due to her lack of sleep last night to finish her English project. She had spent hours on it, staying up until almost 3 A.M., only for the teacher to move the due date to next week. When they had facetimed earlier in the day, it was all she talked about. Most of her sentences involved the words "Mr. Jackson" and "stupid." Her hour long rant is probably another reason she was out so early.

The clock blinked over to 12:38, casting its red light across my room. My thoughts drifted to my deteriorating relationship with Kate, and with most of the people around me. Kate's and I's relationship had been great at first. We had shared everything with each other, almost never keeping secrets from one another. The only secrets we did keep were what we were getting each other for birthdays and other holidays. Then the unexpected happened. My old girlfriend from freshman year of high school showed up. Brianna. She vanished after our breakup, and I had always assumed that she moved away. But sure enough she showed up, almost exactly two years later. As if it was planned. Brianna had been constantly and shamelessly flirting with me, to the point where Kate became suspicious that I was cheating on her. That had been 3 months ago, and their relationship had been nothing but downhill ever since.

My relationship with my friends hasn't been much better. I know that my patience has been much thinner, with the rockiness with Kate and all, and that's started to drive my friends away. I'm invited less and less to parties and outings, and it's gotten so bad that they almost don't speak to me at all.

I think you understand now why I can't sleep tonight.

As the clock hit 12:41, I finally gave up on sleeping. My thoughts were too all over the place, and I might as well get something done. I leaned up from my twin-sized bed, and looked around my room, eyes lingering on the few objects that decorated my room.

The thing you notice first when you walk into my room is the massive bookshelf that takes up almost half of my wall. What draws the eye even more is the books that fill the shelves. I could fit maybe three more books onto it if I really needed to, but that's probably the capacity. Most of the books are fantasy, but there are a few regular fiction scattered throughout. No non-fiction, however. That is one of my least favorite genres of books. Another thing you might notice as your eyes scan my shelf is the organization. They're not alphabetical, author or title, but instead I organized them by how much I like the book. The top left of my shelf is where my favorite book is (or rather, book series), and the bottom right is my least favorite. It's like reading a book.

Next to the bookshelf is a painting that Kate painted me for the first Christmas we shared together, one month before Brianna showed up. Kate and I started dating in January of 2018, and we missed Christmas by 2 weeks. The painting was simple. All it had was our initials, JR and KW, with a short message at the end where Kate had said how much she loved me. It was sweet, and even though our relationship was spiraling down I still treasured it.

The painting also hung by the window, which always stays shut. The wind likes to blow my schoolwork around if I forget to close it, so I tend to just never open it.

On the wall opposing my bed is my dresser, which contains all my clothes except for shirts, which are hung up in my closet. The dresser is topped by the few trophies that I won from sports. I never really found a sport that I liked, and I have jumped around sports all of my life. Because of this, there were a variety of trophies. They ranged from basketball to volleyball to even gymnastics. There is one similarity between them all, however. Without fail, all of them had my name wrong. Most of them just had my first name, Preston, instead of my middle, which I go by, but some of them weren't even close. Take Houston, for example. Who knows where that came from. I threw a pillow across my room to knock them over. I didn't want to look at them anymore.

The only other notable thing in my room is my laptop and the table that holds it. I bought the table from a yard sale a couple years ago, and the laptop I got used from a rich relative that I don't even know how I'm related to. Lots of my books are from her, too.

I finally gathered my strength and got out of bed. I decided to work on my essay for my Junior project. It's due two weeks from now, on March 28, but it couldn't hurt to go ahead and get some of it done. I grabbed the chair from the corner of my room, and opened my laptop. Being the idiot that I am, I left it unplugged the night before. Two seconds after I opened it up, the low battery warning came up and it promptly died. Oh yippee, more time for me to think.

All that crossed my mind was how much my life sucked right now. Sure, people have it worse, but that doesn't make my life any better. I'm exhausted, and I need more of a break than just the weekend. I wish it was summer already. Summer would bring a break from school, and more importantly distance from Brianna. She is what's causing my deteriorating relationships. Summer will bring healing for all of my problems.

My laptop blinked on with the Window's noise, and I went to open up Google so that I could get some work done. My laptop had just been restarted, so of course it's going to take a minute for things to load. All the things I had installed were opening at once. Just as I thought the chaos was over, one last program opened up, and it gave me a strange notification. It was a message on Discord, from a user that called themselves "wish." The message was short and to the point. It read, "Be careful what you wish for."

My last thought before I blacked out was one of complete confusion.

Author's Note: I hope y'all enjoyed the first chapter of my first story. I know it was boring and short, but there were some things that I needed to setup before we get into the main part of the story.

On another note, I hope to have the next chapter up before Monday the 24. It will most likely be up before then, but I'm not sure how long it will actually end up being.

Stay tuned!